how do you get a really hot guy to go out with you?

    because i lik a really hot guy!!!!

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    I thought that a simple answer is best here,"Just Ask Him Out." If he likes you he'll go out with you. Pay attention to those warning you that a relationship should be based on much, much more than attraction or looks.
    show him your wallet
    patrick #1

    wow really that all u go for me?

    not yet, more to come
    It depends on what you are looking for. For just fun and a fling dress for a fun flirtatious look, play the party girl card depending on your age. Be outgoing and fun. Try to ask questions based on his interests. All men love talking about themselves. Wear more makeup then usual for the fling type relationship. If you are looking for long term dress more conservatively not low cut. Don't have sex on the first date. Definately still talk alot about him when you approach him. Humor goes a long way and play up all your assets. If your hair is your best feature put a little glitter in it or something. Your eyes some flatter eye make up.You get the picture. If you have someone in mind make excuses to talk to him and smile at him. Perhaps pretend your car is broken and you need a ride somewhere. Call him with some questions about fixing something around the house. The list goes on and on. I wish I knew more about the situation I have had these things work for me. I married mine.
    patrick #1

    wow thanks that will really help! ill try some of it
    Ask him.
    Flashing works. Regardless what is going on, take them by the hand and lead them to a bedroom.
    When he is behind you, take his hand and pull it gently up to your breast. Words are less important. A few simple actions speaks volumes. Eye to eye contact and a growing smile. The palm of your hand on the center of his chest and your other hand holding his hand to the center of your chest. Go on a date to a Sufi dance and participate. The power of silence and inclusion is amazing. Men that are confident in their masculinity enjoy being with women who control their sexual relation regardless of what you would have him do. This is why cougars are successful. Your confidence, leaving no doubt in his mind and keeping him quiet also like sneaking children.
    be a really hot guy ...
    If he is super hot wear insulated gloves.
    Get him drunk then have wild sex with him. Hahaha, not really. I'd say be yourself (be real and honest) most people admire a person's attitude and kindness over anything else but if that doesn't work then he didn't deserve you in the first place. Getting with and or marrying a really hot guy can be a curse as well though because more women are going to be chasing him leaving that door wide open for infidelity. I'd rather be with a physically unattractive man who treats me good than to be with a hot one who uses his looks to jump into bed with whoever will give it up.
    When you meet the right man you usually know it and sometimes it always isn't always so much whats on the outside as on the inside. Though I'm considered extremely beautiful by most my husband really isn't what would be thought of as hot I guess but we had a chemistry together. So don't ever write anyone off till you talk to them a bit and see if there is a spark there. You might be surprised. Good luck to you all.

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