anybody SERIOUSLY addicted to sweet foods?

    as i wrote this i am wondering if there is a slice of cheese cake in the fridge. (hope hope hope)

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    im not but my taste buds are.. funny how that works
    Yeah, I think it may be related to blood sugar, but that's purely speculative or opinion. I love sweets and have low blood sugar. TMO

    it must be. i will check with my doctor. everytime i have mexican food i crave sweet food. (fat and sweet) went to a birthday party and my daughter scored me the corner piece of cake - the most frosting. i ate the frosting and the filling and left the cake. after leaving the restaurant i had to stop at a bakery and get yet another piece of cake. when any gift sweet foods come into my house, i have a moderate amount and the rest goes swiftly to a neighbor or down the disposal. i am not fat ... but i sure could be in i didn't watch it.

    Yes, I know what you mean! I'm about 8 to 10 percent body fat maybe less, last time I checked I was at 6 percent, but I haven't worked out for a while and do have a fast metabolism, if it weren't for that I'd be much, much heavier.

    When I visited my sister she made me and her family fresh baked cookies every day, because of my nickname...

    Cookie monster.
    Low blood sugar has very little to do with sweet foods.

    The answer is to eat sensible meals at regular intervals.

    The answer to the question asked is I'm not addicted to sweet things but a friend is... she's a chocoholic, and it really is an addiction. It contains a substance that gives you a "high" in the form of enhanced mood and a short burst of energy, after which you crave more.

    The burst of energy is the reason chocolate is a banned food for racehorses.

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