How long after your divorce can you remarry?

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    I wouldn't rush anything give it at least 3 years you won't regret waiting but you might if you don't.
    I think it takes at least a year for most people to get over a serious relationship, maybe two. It depends on how fast you heal. It's best to get to know yourself after a long relationship, that way you can work on you before you start another serious relationship.

    Everyone makes mistakes in relationships and life, so if you have sometime to yourself you can learn more about yourself as well as fix any problems you may have had in the past, that way you don't bring baggage into the next relationship. At least unwanted baggage, we all have some. Hope this helps...
    i sure you dont mean guess is to go with your heart.nobody wants to be alone in this world and that includes you. if you truelly love someone and he loves you then why not. i certainally would take it slow and not rush into anything.. dateing is always a fun way to get to know some one.. when the time comes hopefully you will know ...good luck and may god truelly bless...daren
    In California, Six months, than you can remarry!
    The factual answer is immediately you are granted the Decree Absolute... it may have a different name in the US.

    It means the marriage is over and you are free to remarry.

    We bloody yanks call it a divorce, or divorce papers. lol

    We call it divorce too, but it takes place in stages. The decree nisi and the decree absolute. Most divorces, however amicable, involve the fair division of joint property, and sometimes arrangemants for the care of children too. It takes time.

    And please note all I said was the final papers might be called something different in the US... lots of things are different.

    I wouldn't dream of calling you a b*****y yank :-)
    As soon as the ink dries on the document. How long should you wait? Long enough to realize the errors of your ways the last time.
    same day!

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