Are Reality and Truth the same?

    Are Reality and Truth the same ?

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    two differant sides of the same coin!!


    Got it in one

    Good point! There is what people perceive to be truth, and there is truth. Depends on the perspective of the individual. There are old expressions like," There is no such thing as absolute truth." That in it's self is an absolute truth, and a very dogmatic statement.

    I do believe in absolute truth, but it comes from my observations and experiences in life. This is my own personal truth concerning my God and my faith. While others have a different truths for them. It is not the same truth as mine, yet it is as dogmatic and real to them, as much as my truth is to me.

    So everyone doesn't share the same reality or truth, and truth and reality aren't always the same.


    The point is absolute, for it is God, the One and Only yet All, not dogmatic, it just is,without which there would be nothing as the world know it. Its only truth is Love; Everlasting, Omnipotent and Creative, a Living Consciousness, shared with men, when they can receive it. When one can can hear it in heart, then may one receive it in mind and all that it implys.


    . . . Certainly not as men and the world say love but Spirit. And indeed there is no absolute truth among men, who think it is relative to their objective, material world. Though in such a world at may be known as PEACE, which is the Father. Mens truths are many not truths, for the concern only the senses and the desires of the world.


    leeroy's conclusions comes from his observations and experiences from life. For myself the reality comes for example in seeing and feeling the warmth from the sun and therefore becomes truth and reality. Pagans believe and worship that experience.

    On the other hand Gabalis believes in his One and only God. Here the truth and reality comes from his life experiences but from a spiritual point of view.

    The truth is that all peoples beliefs will never be the same
    and the real truth & reality will never be known. We can only go with what we believe in.

    May your God/Gods go with you.

    Obama sure wouldnt know that answer.

    Well as I will answer what I believe was the question you actualy asked, are reality and truth the same? My answer in yes and no. The truth is I wanted to answer your question without any embelishment and the reality is I did so.BUTthe truth is others responded to your question as they saw it but the reality is you did not ask for a religious answer so they did NOTanswer your question.See why I say YES & NO? Another example is in reality I went to the meeting but the truth is I did not want too,


    No, I don't think that they are the same. In most situations the truth is what it is, whether it's simple or complex. However, reality doesn't necessarily relate to the truth. For example, in the relationship between countries they don't always tell each other the truth because sometimes the realtiy is that it serves a practical purpose to lie. It's not true,but it is reality.

    Truth and Reality are indeed the same in God, but in worldly men they are a lie. For the only Truth is Everlasting Life and this is the only Reality. Anything that ends is but a dream, lying about reality, thus all material things are a lie, for even the Universe will find its end.


    Indeed, I agree with you, anonymous one, it is in the learning that one may raise ones Consciousness transcending the lie. No one is trying to fool anyone, this temporal world is the class room provided for the Soul, that it may evolve in itself that it know and accept who it is in God. I did mention Worldly men's truths which are many and relative only to many "world things" not to the true purpose of which we refer.


    Who created this so called lie? Is there someone trying to fool everyone? or is there not truth in this lie as you say. What you call a lie, I call a necessary part of learning.


    I'm tempted to drift towards your rationale of truth as well, but i must acknowledge that there are different levels of truth, because it depends on the state of spiritual evolution of a being. Animals have their own spiritual truths, but because they have a lower vibration, they lack a greater spiritual intelligence. A fly may evolve physically and recognize the benefit of the mutation.. physical evolution. A monkey learns to crack nuts with rocks.. different level of awareness but still evolution, of a different level.

    Indeed, Spiritual, philosophically they are sides if the same coin. The one will always lead to the other, opinions notwithstanding, for such are simply worldly.

    there are different levels of truth.. therefore I think the truth is channeled.


    There are no levels of Truth, only as seen through Object eyes, worldly eyes, physical eyes, the eyes of men, influenced by desires of the world. We speak not of the truths of worldly men as do you, but of the One and Only TRUTH that is of SPIRIT; that is of GOD. Only there may the truth be found without the mere measures of men and the world. For all else is passing and corruptible. The time drawth nigh, and your choice is entirely yours. May God bless your choice. Namaskar (the spirit in me salutes the spirit in you) wake up my brother.


    . . . and such holy Truth is channeled through every man as he is able to receive it.


    Of course it is, my anonyous one, but only by the Living Consciousness within in it. That One consciouaness is the very LIFE taking residence there. God is Life Everlasting, the Spirit is Gods will. "Living" is the activity of LIFE passing through the Existence or Time Sphere, the Man phase of the Eternity, which itself is but a place in God. And of Course in this Density there are many levels of evolution. We speak here of the incorporeal thus no delusion, for the corporeal ways of men here, are not withstsnding. For we speak of the One and only which is the All yet transcends them all.


    . . . this is the glorious possibility within men. :)


    Thanks for waking me. I appreciate it. God bless you brother. To respond however, there simply are different levels of truth. Just as there is water vapor and ice, and the 'holy trinity', there are truths being channeled on different levels of your vibrational state. On God's channel, in the fully awakened state, the truth is on a much higher vibration. There are even lessons to learn on that level, therefore it would be wrong to exclude the imperfections of corporeal truths and the physical reality as a level. It is definitely a level and a state of consciousness.


    Much like many religious folks have excluded learning life's lessons because they believe that they have attained divinity.. when you stop expressing desires, and abandon your awareness for your physical state of consciousness, then you have deluded yourself. You must always move forward.. like running water. When you stop, you go stale.

    The truth, the whole truth and noting but the truth can only lead to reality.


    Indeed my Brother, Indeed !

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