I need to compare Enduhanna and Nefertiti

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    Please child at least do your own homework ... you obviously have a computer at your disposal ... a luxury I did not have and many others on this site when they had to do school work ... as ninnet states your teacher will be glad to see the work you do! (:
    These were two ancient Egyptian diseases. One came from milking cows to often and the other was transferred to humans by cow dung, both had similar symptoms, and could be deadly to the young, old, or weak.

    The diseases were named after famous rulers in Ancient times, known for their harsh treatment of law offenders, otherwise know as criminals. The only way to cure these horrible illnesses was to eat chicken soup or to go through a long rigorous process of the chicken dance, usually only performed at weddings. As most adults know It's very difficult to find a good wedding singer or D.J. and this was a huge problem in ancient Egypt because electricity was difficult to find.

    Anyhow they finally discovered penicillin and that has been the cure for these terrible diseases ever since.. Hope this helps...
    leeroy ... i too am wondering... my eyes have question marks for eye balls. funny!
    Just wondering if you got the answer you were looking for?
    Good luck! Your teacher will be glad to see the work you do!

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