If your spouse had an affair could you stay or not?

    If you and your spouse were both in love and married for 6+ years and you found out he/she had a one night affair on you recently, could you stay in that marriage having no kids? What if the same scenario happened and you have a 4 year old child could you then? Why or Why not?

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    I guess I can only answer for myself I tried but when he beat on me as well as had many affairs then no I had to get out of the marriage and I do believe am better off for it, but each person and each situation is different for all.


    <a href="/users/363/darci13/">@Darci13</a> - You been through the wringer! Your mother, your job, bad relationships. What can I say... your blessed. Because you are an overcomer and you survived it all!!!

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    Something dies in a marriage when that happens its never the same after so move on

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    Personally I believe that if someone is going to cheat on you then they need to hit the curb. No second chances cuz they will most likely do it again and again... thinking they are getting better at hiding it because you let the first one go.

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    If you want the relationship after an affair, never ever think of taking revenge on your partner and go for an encore. Your relationship would be lost forever.

    Take the affair as a wake-up call for both of you to sit up and take notice of the need gaps in the relationship. If both of you are serious about the relationship after an infidelity, take note of such shortcomings and work towards repairing them with all sincerity and earnestness.

    It depends on why they had the affair... Sometimes life can be overwhelming.. there are times when ppl are vernerable to the attention. Love is not Sex, And Sex is not love. I love my husband... If he had an affair there would be a reason behind it.. He would never want to hurt me... So there would be something else going on. He is my best friend. I would hope he would trust me with his heart at that low point and let me work through life and its challanges with him. (having said all of that... That is also the reason he has no need to cheat... LOL)

    My wife had an affair with her computer.She left do you think she would have stayed.If it would have been another man.


    <a href="/users/1589/papa-peg/">@papa peg</a> - I guess that's what you call "Computer Love"!!!

    Quick and final goodbye.

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