whats the best way to stop cramp in your legs when your in bed at night

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    It's really difficult to do, but if you stand up right away, it will start going away immediately.

    It just means that you are dehydrated, or have low potassium. Make sure to drink plenty of water all day, eat a banana about an hour or two before you go to bed.

    Hope you get this fixed I hate those thing, I don't get them as much anymore, but the standing thing is the best trick I've learned. TMO Hope this helps...
    Yup...leeroy is right..I also get them sporadically...I even take medication for it...I find taking vitamins religiously (esp potassium) does help...I get them in my feet also...mine have a bit to do with spinal problems and nerve damage...something you can't control...but as leeroy stated standing up and walking around does relieve them about the best...also don't hang your feet over the edge of your bed when sleeping...sleep in the fetal position if you can..good luck...sleep disturbances suck bigtime! (:

    Thumbs Hipster, sleeping with your legs bent or in the fetal position does help a great deal. Muscle relaxers help me they have a side effect of making me silly though... OOps I meant thumbs up, sorry I'm all thumbs today.
    ole hipster

    Thanks for the TU leeroy...yes, that's what I take also...muscle relaxers but I can take literally dozens of them and not get either goofy nor sleepy...weird huh?...all the meds I'm on are supposed to make you drowzy and/or dizzy...I must be a tough cookie to crack...most do the opposite...even freaks out my docs! (:
    if you drink coffee,try decaffinated. stay away from any stimulants during any form of activity that involves using your legs.The only way to stop them is to prevent them from happening to begin with. I speak from experience,they suck.Good luck&a good night!!!
    go to sleep in the afternoon
    drink cranberry juice and take an aspirin :)

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