my living room elec outlets do fine with lamps, clock radios, vacumns,tvs, vcrs but they blow out electric blankets why ????

    breakers dont blow.... my blankets completely quit working...has happened on all outlets even when it is the only thing plugged in socket

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    maybe a higher amp breaker would do
    The problem is that you have to many outlets going to one circuit. Many home builders do this to save money when building a house. Of course it also matters what the amperage is on the blankets, but mostly the problem is the wiring in your house.

    You need to have an electrician add some more breakers to you circuit breaker box...TMO, without seeing it for myself.
    if you also have a fridge onthe same circut, the combination of all you mentioned, is enough to draw too many amps, and it will kick the breaker every time the fridge kicks on. don't ever use the blanket with an extention cord,either. only use ONE blanket on any one outlet.
    What is the amperage required on that blanket? The blanket could be defective.

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