do you believe that's it's our our responsibility to correct other people's spelling?

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    as long as we under stand the meaning whats the differance. plus checking it wont do much good, only you should be responsible for your own spelling
    Heck no....if you can read some of these questions and/or spell phonetically, fine....I just think it is so sad that the English language has become so butchered and unappreciated by so many and not just the young old English teacher is spending her hereafter days just rolling in her grave! And let me add just one more thing I also find it EXTREMELY annoying that here in Chicago due to the great influx of immigrants (and I do not deny them LEGAL access) we are now seeing commercials, signs, PA systems in grocery stores, etc. all catering to another language. This was not done for the Poles when they came to this country. They had to learn the language or else it was just too bad if they didn't learn to speak the language of their adopted country...oh how I could go on...but I'll spare everyone! Phew...I feel that off my chest! (:

    my writing mentor was polish. yes, he came to writing novels the hard way. he claims he wrote on his novel when he was going from workshop to took me about three months to understand him...but it was worth it. : ))
    ole hipster

    Aand I'm sure he also applied for his citizenship!
    Noe itz naught
    there is no such responsibility. no.

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