What will replace oil and gas as our main source of energy once they run out?

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    Do you know the term 'perpetual replenishment'? Do you have any idea of how vast the volume of these 'NATURAL' resources are? You people love that word 'natural'. Oil and gas are both natural resources, made by 'EARTH' you all like that word too!

    So these two NATURAL EARTH made resources are being created as I type this at a rate beyond what we expend it. Our usage is minimal to the quantity yet untapped, its like saying, how lone before the oceans dry up. These vast resources are underground, can you see underground? Get this out of your earth fearing mind, you and I and the billions of others will never drain what is available, just what perhaps we are allowed to drill for. Yes, if the loons win this, we will dry up quantities on hand but allowed to drill, we will never empty the pool.

    That said, we won't need it much beyond maybe another 100 years anyway, as modern technology looks for cleaner fuels, we will quit using it, and then we will have gushing tar pits all over the world unless they extract and burn off.. OOPS! That makes pollution..

    Remeber if you will, petroleam is used for more than just energy.

    Here's a few uses of oil that you are in contact with daily.

    We have a long way to go don'cha think?

    After an intensive personal study and experience with energy system for over 50 years the only two remaining energy system not yet proving to be extremely costly, polluting, dangerous and too awful to consider using any more are those based on acoustical vibration capture and electrostatic energy capture. These two fields have potential for application but I have not seen as much application or innovation there as in other areas. Exploring potential for application is at the heart of all great discoveries and useful applications. We are driven by necessity and rewarded through discovery.

    Also I would like to point to the fact that when we insulate a house to maintain a temperature we are producing a seperation of energy that can be the source of many other forms of energy when applied. Air passing over the wing of an airplane provides lift, thermal shifts and the build-up of electrostatic charge. The electrostatic charge is reduced by wires that are along the trailing edge of the wings. Without those trailing edge wires, the electro-static charge would build up and make the plane less efficient in its use of fuel and may have produced accidents where the charge level could not bleed-off but built up to a point where the plane could no longer fly. In experiments with controlled electrostatics producing air movement, the potential for aviation by this process appear to be quite likely also.

    I think the sun is a force of unending energy but we have a way to go to get it so we can use it, better batteries and collection devices.
    wind, atomic, solar, geothermal, hydrogen production, fuel cells it will not be just one but a combination of many
    You got me.

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