What traits do you think are most important to instill in your children?

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    self confidence first, knowledge in their individual gifts, respect for others and an understanding of God.

    Honesty, sincerity, caring, I think that these R good traits to have.

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    My answer is new so it is last. Good traits here is a Tumbs UP (TU) and I would appreciate some (TU) if you think the traits I listed are important. Thanks my new friend veteran01.

    Generosity, Courage and Consideration

    I would add, but all of you so far have done a wonderful job answering. A sense of humor would be nice, and if they love their parents back if their parents love them...that would be great!

    Honesty,loyalty, and compassion.

    Never lie, steal or cheat.

    RESPECT for themselves and others. If these are solidly in place, then other good qualities will follow

    Valuing money, appetite for knowledge, respect for others and generally being honest.

    Integrety, independence and faith.

    Thinking for themselves, and forgiving and loving others. The most divine of all character!

    Very good everybody, you just described a conservative , the opposite of a democrat. What an excellent topic.

    Work hard, be honest, don't steal, be respectful,show compassion learn all you can

    All of the above,but also a good dose of GOOD MANNERS.
    Uncontitional love. They will have Confidence, self esteem and love themselves and therefore love and respect others.
    The love of God number 1, love, truth, honesty and always always know you can be anything you want to be if you set your mind to it and to always strive to do right and treat others right.
    I'll show them what it means to fail, let them experience it, so they can appreciate victory.

    Empathy and love for God.

    learn respect, self-worth, compassion, to feel that they are loved ,stand up for what they believe, to be responsible for there own actions, honesty ,loyalty, to persist in what they need, gratitude, to be able to trust u with anything, if a girl to have the understanding that she is of equal status to a man , if a boy to learn to be a man and learn how to be humble. I would accomplish this by regular beatings and whippings starvation and chaining to a outside pole then if they did do something wrong I would dish out severe punishment ....... ohhhh and to get a paper run at the age of 5 years old

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