THIS IS SOMETHING THAT I HOPE IS WRONG. My name is Mark and if any one thinks that seeing the future is something neat and cool , then listen to me.On 5/5/2000 there was a planetary alignment, rare indeed.Aqaurius the age was here(the water bearer)Jesus was sked by his boys'what shall be the signs of the age and of the end.the signs of the age were various .wars , rumours of wars ,floods ,famines ,earth quakes in divers (underwater)places.And suchforth.But the end is not yet .Now if God still do

    still does things the way he always has .Then he picks cripples to do his work .prophets ,preachers ,teachers ,interpretors ,tongues,etc. To warn the deaf and blind of his works ,as well as he (or her)"thanks ladies"that have ears to hear and eyes to see , or them who have understanding. of his impending judgements.Well here I am.And you can take this for what its worth .Because of the planetary alignement, it started a chain of events that does not fully manifest itself for 10 yrs.Notice how the earthquakes have marched around the rim of fire .CHILE ,CRISTCHURCH ,INDONESIA ,JAPAN, AND THE OTHER ONES .Getting stronger ,and sronger,as they progress.Heres my prophecy On dec 23 of this year we have an 8 day event called a simultanius release .Three quakes strike within hours of each other.Each one massive in its release. Japan wiil sink halfway under the sea ,causing a 250 ft high 50 mile thick displacement wave to be generated acroos the pacific.bad bad the same time another off the coast of chile will send a 30 to 40 ft high sunami northward that will collide with the D wave.San andreas(I love cali with all my heart)will also let go from dago all the way to san fran,with the big I.E. -Riv ._San Berdoo experiencing the worst of it .Particularly D.H.S. and P. Springs.(homies this is the preach thats why im in H Town now )soon to be one of the refugee cities set up after this cataclysm.Nostradamus had something vague and unclear in reference to Japan and Cali in this respect.But heres the crux of it.Are u ready for this . Everything for 20 to 100 miles inland will be reduced to mudflats from argentina to the islands of alaskas upper north.The freeway system of densly populated cali is gone ,rapping those evacuating whats left of the G.state,{I GOT THE BIGGEST FUCKIN LUMP IN MY PWOOD NECK RIGHT NOW)in areas within reach of d waves trauma zone.Remember cali was area most affected by the last waves oppsite to generating points projected trajectory to land fall area that just happend. 50 million die just from the initial devastation of the first 8 days. THEN theres the problem of this.The 30 ft sunami causes the d wave to strike at severe angles to the coast lines it encounters, causing it to scour everything into the pacific.KILLING it and becoming one of the really biggest problems we will be facing. I JUST GOT OFF WORK AND AM TIRED AND HUNGRY. I HAVENT EVER DONE THIS MUCH BEFORE.IM ONE OF THOSE 70S PEOPLE WHO PECK WITH ONE FINGER WRITING THIS STUFF .So im gonna eat and scrubb off another hard day at H Depot (MET team) Ill be back! Hey governator ya listening LEAVE NOW! (oh yea 2012 is 1/1/2012 THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT WILL BE GONE THEN) Do you think god still marks people to warn humanity of his judements or actions
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    its a wise man that rules the stars its a fool that ruled by them
    If you are a preacher why is there profanity in your question and why are you talking about Astrology? I think that God Made the universe, but not for the planets to guide our lives. That's the Holy Spirits job. Maybe you are just pointing out astronomy, and signs in the heavens?

    This question is just to loud and long to get people interested, especially a non-believer. If you tone it down quite a bit you may have better results if you are trying to reach more people.

    I am a Christian and this to me comes off as "Scary." You attract more flies with honey than vinegar, and no offense intended, but this looks like a big bottle of vinegar, so to speak. Hope this constructive criticism helps?

    whats this?

    a continuation of what we have heard before...
    Preacher is the nickname i got given to me,i didnt choose it.,except as a username.And you are right ,profanity had no place here.However in the bible it is clearly stated that the sky,stars,and planets in it .And the moon .Are given to be seen for enlightenment ,and for sighns and seasons.It is scary ,dang scary.Because it has the ring of high possibilty about it.I havent done much on the internet so forgive my tone and my bluntness.Thanks for the schoolin . Mark
    And no this is not a prediction of the end of the world ,just part of the birthing pains or sorrows jesus said would be part of the comming age .

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