Why do over 53% of marriages end in divorce? Just 35 years ago divorce was closer to 30% ?

    What has caused the divorce rate to nearly double in the last 35 years. ERA, female acceptance into the work place or a lack of the sacred part of a marriage..or other?

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    T.U. for the question Raider, maybe the people here can figure out why so few can stay married anymore.

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    People now don't seem to really "commit" anymore like back for instance, when my parents married. Divorce then was definitely frowned upon by not only the church but society in general except in extreme cases. Even spousal abuse was not spoken of and pre-marital pregnancies were hush hushed also. There are quite a few issues now that we could take previous generations' wisdom to heart and utilize the same.

    Commitment. People these days seem to go into a marriage with the idea that if it doesn't work out, they'll just get a divorce and move on. Just look at the idea of prenuptial agreements. They are BS. If you're thinking about divorce BEFORE you get married...duh don't get married. People have to remember that their wedding vows aren't just words...they're the PROMISE that two people make to each other. Unfortunately, people these days have a tough time keeping their word on anything. They want things handed to them and not have to work for them. A marriage is no different. No one hands you the perfect marriage.

    maybe certain couples should not have teamed up in the first place,everyone keeps to their best behavior when they first meet, and are agreeable. when things become more settled truer colors are revealed. there is a train of thought that after 2 years we become attached to one another

    Because the heterosexuals abuse what they don't have to fight for? And some say homosexuals would destroy the sanctity of marriage if they are allowed to marry. Pfffft.




    No new material yet? I believe that one liner dates back to the late 80's, early 90's.


    They used to claim 50% of married people were women, But that is not true any more.


    ya but it still works

    Sorry to dissalusion you bestway but history is riddled with infidelelity and as far as "honouable courtships" is concerned there were more arranged marriages and people marrying because mumma thought it would raise the family status or to increase the family coffers. Coach and olehipster are on the right track. People really don`t give a toss about commitment in lots of cases. An erect penis has no conscience.

    In past centuries people were God fearing, recognized and respected marriage as a gift from God. They prayed together and stayed together. They had honorable courtships practiced principled love.
    But once you abandon principle and fidelity the relationship deteriorates fast. The children grow up poor role models to follow the parents examples.

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