Do you believe in social programs that help illegal aliens who can not find jobs?

    How about illegal aliens that come over and live here and their children attend our public schools for free/ Also, are able to use our hospitals at no cost and come over here when they are about to deliver their babies so they will be US citizens? Just by being born in the USA makes you a US citizen and helps your parents gain residency much easier and get welfare programs. What are your thoughts?

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    NO! They can apply for citizenship like anyone else who wants to live in this country. Also, this argument that they'll do jobs that no American wants to do...hmmm, I've heard the argument that no American wants these jobs because the pay scale it too low. It's set low because illegals (having no chance for a better paying job) will work for what they can get, then a lot of them ship that money back to the country they ran from to support families there. I would never open my home for people to just come in and take whatever they need, why would I or anyone want to open this country for people to just come and take what they need without being sanctioned by our immigration dept? What's the point of having an immigration dept. if we're just going to let them stay here and take care of them and their kids without having to be citizens? I also feel that if an illegal immigrant gives birth here in the states, so long as the parent are illegals, so is their child. They all go back home.

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