how to create an e mail

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    How To Create An Email Account...

    Creating an email account is simple. First, choose an email service that you prefer (major ones include Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc). Next, decide what screen name you wish to have. This will act as both your login name and your email address name (ex. If the name is taken, try a variation of the name, or add numbers, spaces or hyphens in it. After you have chosen a name, you will have to create a password and a security question/answer. Make sure to choose a password that you'll be able to remember, but will be difficult for others to guess (as a warning for those making an account for the first time, NEVER give out your password, as there are many scam and phishing sites that will undoubtedly try to steal your information) . The final step is to fill out your personal information and activate your account. Once this is completed, you will be able to use your email to send and receive messages, add addresses and phone numbers into your contact book, use your calendar, and much more.
    Setup or create new email account - Outlook Express tutorial
    How to set up or create a new email account in Microsoft Outlook Express email client - a step-by-step tutorial. - Cached
    How To Create An Email Account - HubPages
    Charlotte 22 months ago . how to create my account? how to create new e-mail address? how to do it? what are the steps in creating e-mail address? - Cached
    How to Create a Yahoo Email Account |
    How to Create a Yahoo Email Account. Yahoo! mail had 106 million unique users according to TechCrunch, making it the third-largest e-mail provider on the Internet. - Cached
    How to Create a New Email Account in Outlook 2007 |
    Follow these steps to create the most popular type of email configuration, the Internet POP3 account. Difficulty: Moderately Easy Instructions. 1 - Cached

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