Should suicide be a criminal offence?

    If a suicide is attempted and failed should the person be charged with a criminal offence?

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    I don't think so, sometimes that's a persons way of crying out for help. But I do think that they should be required to go get professional help.

    Do you mean assisted suicide, or just suicide, who could your arrest if someone took their own life?

    I thought you still could charged for attempting suicide,used to be an offence.

    There are 2 types of suicides,the cry for help who cut their wrists,lots of blood very dramatic n they let you know what they are about to do or that they've just done it.They don't want to die they want attention,to shock people into realising they're crying for help,,they need help not taken to court n a record !!!!

    The other type are the ones that cant go on n genuinely want to end it all.The first you know about it is when you find them hanging dead from a tree.The prospect of breaking the law wont make any difference at all !!!


    The other would be the ones who genuinely want it to end but are not "successful". Some people think that charging them with a criminal offense will convince them what they are doing is "wrong". I personally believe someone who tries to commit suicide and isn't "successful" in it shouldn't be charged with a criminal offense.

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