Would you want to live forever?

    Would you want to live forever? Even after all your friends and family have long passed?

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    I guess we keep adding onto the family tree and keep it going, on, on, and on!!!


    Not if forced to endure the planet as we know it. However, through the power and love of God and His Son Jesus, I have the faith and confidence that eternal life will be the heavenly prize of those who love God and have received salvation through His Son Jesus.

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    Funny you would ask this. A friend of mine and myself had a similar discussion about Cryonics, (freezing a body until a cure arrives then waking them up.) To say that in 500 years they wake you up and cure you, all of your known family is gone, your friends are gone, your mentality would be that of an imbecile as time and progress had passed you by, you would probably be committed to a home for the mentally challenged. If allowed to live your life amongst the 'normals' i would think that you would become very depressed seeing the world change before your eyes (assuming you are the only one living forever) Might even get boring after the first 300 or 400 years. You would spend all your time learning and forgetting what you learned as time changes developments of the past. I don't think I want to live forever, just live in the minds of others forever, this means do something great! Of course you could look at that the other way too and do something bad and then live in infamy forever.. (Hitler)

    Only in Paradise or Heaven, not in this crumby world.

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