Does money buy happiness?

    Do the think money, 10's of millions, can buy happiness why or why not?

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    Even1% of that would be fine. Money doesn't buy happiness, BUTT it does make being Unhappy a lot more pleasant. Happiness is earned through good works, or rewarding efforts. Can't go to Walmart and BUY a can of made in China happiness ! All though I'm sure they would sell you one.

    Vera Catarino

    No, but it makes misery much easier to handle.....

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    NO, but it pays the bills.

    Those with lots of money usually say no. But I would like to try!!!!!

    Depends on the definition of happiness. Money can certainly make life comfortable and enjoyable. However, money cannot buy peace for the inner self/soul or enternal peace with God. God alone has that power.

    Yes, because I'm mighty sad when I'm broke.

    You can have money and be happy but the bible tells us that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.

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