Do you believe in euthanasia for the elderly?

    Do you believe in euthanasia if the elderly or terminally ill want it?

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    OLE HIPSTER how could you think that? Your one of the family. Thumbs Up friend!

    ole hipster

    When I read just your first sentence of your question I thought "OH NO, THEY WANT TO GET RID OF THE OLE HIPSTER!!" LOL

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    Most certainly not..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Nothings sadder than walking through a Old Folks Home and seeing a loved one unresponsive and disheveled being fed through a tube inserted into their stomachs. Its heart breaking. Knowing I might wind up the same way has me sleepless at times. I believe NO self respecting human being wants to die like that and should have the right to "Check-Out" if they so choose. PS: I MISS YOU DAD


    I fully agree with you.

    it happens a lot. doctors and nurses know patient is suffering and has little time left. They keep increasing the morphine until the end.

    If the patient makes the decision Ok. He will need to deal with GOD.

    I believe in eunthanasia for the terminally ill of any age not only the elderly. Having seen first hand some of the suffering I can speak, or in this case type, with some degree of knowledge. I know there are those who call it murder and claim it is Gods way (again) For a all loving God He appears to be pretty brutal. I HAVE A DNR IN MY WILL IF I EVER GET THAT BAD PLEASE ALLOW ME TO DIE AS I HAVE LIVED> WITH DIGNITY> A DNR IS DO NOT RESUSCITATE


    OK, I will pull your plug now.

    It is not a human right to end someone elses life. It is murder pure and simple.


    You can't change your mind tomorrow! Too much changes from day to day to do this. I hate the option of DNR!!! Too greedy humans can decide another's fate. Not right!


    I was "asked" to put a DNR on my mother 12 years ago by the doctor. She is alive and well, the doctor killed himself by drug overdose!

    ole hipster

    A DNR is ususally put into effect only at the request of the patient. Nothing wrong with it, it's personal preference not to prolong one's life in agony only or to be hooked up to machines to keep you breathing and alive. A DNR is generally not put into effect by two people. It should be the wishes of the dying individual.

    ole hipster

    Bummer for the doctor. HURRAY for your Mom!

    Let the hand of God determine when the eldery should leave this planet. On the other hand, someone who is very ill and/or loses there cognitive skills poses a huge problem for family, medicine and society. There is no easy solution. Strange, we struggle to live and often struggle to die. Must have been so much simpler for past generations who were considered 'old' at fifty.

    Haven't had to face this issue and hope to avoid.... I'm 70 and hope never to face this huge concern.

    It becomes a matter of the value we place on human life. Like abortion it becomes a decision of whether a person has a right to life and that decision is being made by someone else who feels that life is a burdon on their life style. After awhile it becomes a decision made by the state as euthanasia becomes more popular. Value placed on a person life will become market driven. It is inevitable.If you cannot prove your right to exist then you will die.If your productive output percentage doesn't exceed your intake percentage then you will die.

    Value of human life has been becoming cheaper ever since Roe v Wade became law. Life there is based on a whim. Dont want it, kill it. Cant afford it right now, kill it. Cheap life, Cheap death. If we are bound to have our lives judged based on cost analysis and our ability to serve the common good then maybe we should be killed and turned into food to feed those more worthy. Then at least we can be served up as something good, eh?

    The matter of personnal choice to die when our bodies no longer serve us, kill us to make way for the next generation of cheap life coming down the pike. At least they can serve the public some good. I believe the bible says it correctly, "for to live is Christ." To live and to let live defines us as a moral and just people. To kill for the sake of a whim or for cost analysis is a path to an immoral and unjust society.

    I was just remembering a good movie I watched not more then a month ago, we rented it from the red box.

    Anyway its about >>> Jack Kevorkian the Doctor who helped those that wanted to die due to serious illness... watch it, its a good answer to your question...

    Susan Sarandon, John Goodman join Al Pacino in Jack Kevorkian movie / here a link to the write up about the movie

    Yes its their life and we should have the right to end it when we choose. I am talking about an older person who may be very sick or dying. For that matter a thermally Ill person period, of age of course.

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