Was the latest economic depression bigger than the one which occurred in 1929?

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    By bigger I assume you mean more money lost in which yes it probably was due to the simple fact there is more money in the world today> If you mean big as in time , no it wasn`t the affects were felt well into to the mid thirties.
    How do you make a comparison? The record keeping earlier than 1929 was very different.

    But here is one that was bad: September 24, 1869, is sometimes referred to as Black Friday in the United States. On this day a syndicate of New York bankers advanced the price of gold to 162 1/2, causing a panic. It sold at 143 1/8 the previous evening. The Grant Administration dumped $4,000,000 in gold on the market, the price falls in fifteen minutes from 162 to 133, and many investors were ruined. Fortunes were lost. Wall Street brokerage houses failed. Railway stocks shrank.

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