How many people make up a division?

    How many soldiers make up a battalion and a company?

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    Your question is not that simple it depends on the corps ie: Artillery, Armoured, Engineers etc. Assuming you mean Infantry A platoon consists of 33 men (nominaly) with a platoon commander, platoon sergeant other ncos and other ranks Privates, a company is four platoons with a company commander, company CSM (company sergeant major) company 2i/c (2nd in command) plus orderly room (office) staff. A battalion is normaly four companys plus battalion commander, RSM (regimental sergeant major) battalion 2 i/c Adjutant and battalion orderly room staff. Three battalions make a brigade with a brigade commander plus plus . The head honcho of each in order are lieutenant or second leiutenant---- Major or seniorCaptain----full Colonel or lieutenant Colonel------ Brigader---(US Brigader General)
    These figures refer to the Australian Army, are nominal figures and of course probably change with different nations

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