Doomsday, 05/21/2011

    OK Australia, Its past 6pm ... You still with us?

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    Hello! Hello! Hello! this is Australia calling. Is there anybody out there Hello! Testing 123 Can anyone hear me? Please respond if you can hear me if you can~t hear me send a message telling me you can`t hear me, G`day mate, what`s your name? Jesus who?

    Dang PL, can't hear you. Been nice knowing you mate. Its still morning here in the USA. Guess I'd better get busy enjoying my final hours.
    Guess what? New prediction! We are all going down in October, so enjoy yourselves!!

    It's getting cold down here in Australia. Very cold. Maybe we are going to freeze to death. Raise your glasses everyone!
    Yea we are alive and kicking in the UK (2 days Later) It was a bonza day until we had bad storms yesterday not as bad as the poor USA hows your weather over there I undersatnd its your winter anyway whats all this got to do with doomsday have you heard something that we dont know remember to share!Mel
    its 10pm in the south of the great southern land, i'm still here,may be DOOM cant find OZ.

    Almost 11pm in Queensland. Gloom as in darkness has found us but Doom no where in sight WHAT THE $#^%$@$^*( is that.
    For some reason, 21/5 was an awesome day with a beautiful summer weather :S in Australia :)
    all i know is that I'm still alive :)

    Thumbs up for those who are alive too !! keep living..
    Yes it doesn't even agree with how the Bible describes the Rapture, it's supposed to be in the twinkling of an eye, which is a split second. It's not supposed to be like a train schedule, or it's not like God has to take people in shifts to make sure He has room on the the air ships?

    OK, so the guy doing the predicting didn't even tell us if it was 6 p.m. EST or CST or even Greenwich time. How the heck can we prepare for the doom and gloom or rapture (whichever thing you are looking forward to) if we don't know which timezone?

    i think it's 6pm in the usa somewhere which is approx.14 hours behind oz e.s.t.
    It's only 5:30 a.m. EST and I'm still here.

    But you're not in Australia. Glad you're still with us though.
    All present and correct in the UK, as expected :-)
    its the 19/11/2011 now maybe that guy is still sleeping because there is not going to any of this world. Scotland are going to "win the world cup in four years time then they can "dae wit they bliddy want"oh sorry guys thats my scottish patter again you know do they nutters have nothing better to do get a "life"
    Alabama checking in it is now 05/26/11 still here......
    I keep getting garbled and distorted message about dang %^$#*&^% you&^%$#@)(*& mornig!@*%^)+ U#$%A enjoy^&%ng h$#(*. Sounds faintly English. Please switch to frequency 2756 if you receive this message. If you don`t receive it switch to frequency 9850 over. By the bye I have not found any roads paved with gold. Fact is they are full of pot holes, darned economic downturn. Good thing the Aussie dollar is strong.

    PEOPLELOVER, have you been listening to WAR OF THE WORLDS.

    Sorry bu@#&^%$#n we %$^*bad&%$#c^%$ection. Just a mome$^# ther is %$#* old blo#$%*& in Long$% whi$%e rob^& Says he i*5 my fath%$#r. OVER.

    i think you have had too much pineapple juice!

    We are bannana benders not pineapple suckers. Too much xxxx.

    Not many bananas left and they are expensive too. But there are plenty of pineapples for sale!

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