forgot my iphone pass code.. how do I reset to get a new one?

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    Things You'll Need
    Apple iPhone
    USB sync cable
    1. Connect the iPhone to your computer using the USB cable.

    2. Hold the power button on the iPhone down. The screen will change asking you to use a slider to power the unit off. Use the slider.

    3. Press the power and home (bottom-center) buttons simultaneously. The unit will power back on. After a few seconds, the screen will change to a warning triangle. The iPhone is now in recovery mode.

    4. Launch iTunes, and click on the iPhone icon on the left side of the screen. Make sure that the "Summary" tab is selected, and scroll down until you see the "Restore" button. Click "Restore."

    5. Click "Don't Back Up," then click "Restore." The iPod will be reverted to its original factory settings, which will clear the passcode. Note that this process will also remove all other data from the iPhone, including music, contacts, notes and saved e-mails.

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