What is to fast to sleep with a guy?

    Would you have a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with a girl that slept with you during the first 3 days you knew each other?

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    Before you are married. Keep it in your pants, you will always remember your first time for the rest of your life don't waste it on someone just trying to get a piece of snatch or whatever. Wait until you are in love. The only real commitment is marriage, living together isn't real commitment. You can always move out. If someone is willing to marry you, that is true commitment.

    Not to mention all the nasty diseases out there, all it takes is a faulty condom and it's over, don't just worry about pregnancy, worry about H.I.V. . Why can't people just wait?

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Good question, I wish I would of. It was more like expected of me b/c I was a jock in HS and College. Luckily no STD's or children. good comment here is a Thumbs Up for you.

    *I agree love and sex are tooooo different!!!!!!!!

    Fuck you brain's out! Do what feels good. If your both consenting adults than whats the promblem?
    Sex and love are to different things. One
    's emotional and the other is physical. Hope this helps.

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