Legalizing abortions federally?

    Is this an important issue for you? Do you feel abortions should be outlawed by the federal government?

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    Great question! May spark some heated debate.

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    There are 4 differences between the unborn and other people.

    1) Size
    2) Level of Development
    3) Environment
    4) Degree of Dependency

    None of these justify killing unborn babies. You wouldn't kill a kid just because he's smaller than his classmates, would you?

    Also, physical and/or intellectual development has nothing to do with determining personhood outside the womb. It is equally insignificant for determining personhood inside the womb. Children are generally less developed than adults. People with developmental disabilities may be less developed than some children, and those with extraordinary mental capacity are no more human than those with lesser IQs. It is humanity, not brain capacity or arm strength that determines personhood.

    And any attempt to disqualify unborn children from receiving their due rights of personhood because they live in a womb rather than in a room is dishonest and unjust. Location doesn't affect the personhood of those outside the womb, and it shouldn't affect the personhood of those inside the womb.

    The issue of dependency may well be the one abortion supporters turn to most in their attempt to justify abortion. "Since a fetus can't survive on its own," they argue, "it has no inherent right to life". What's the problem with this argument? In the broadest sense, it could be applied to all of us. There isn't a person alive who is radically independent from the universe we live in. We all need food, water, rest, and oxygen. We're all vulnerable to a million different bodily breakdowns. Are those who must rely on kidney machines, pace-makers or insulin shots for their survival less deserving of basic human rights than anyone else? Some of us may be less dependent than others, but if it is dependence that strips away a person's right to protection under the law, then we would all be in trouble. Embryos and fetuses who must rely on an umbilical cord in the womb are just as human as those who must rely on a feeding tube outside the womb.

    Perhaps the biggest absurdity about this whole attack on dependence is the fact that dependency should merit more protection under the law, not less! After all, the younger and more dependent a child is, the more care and compassion we have for them. The U.S. Office of Juvenille Justice and Delinquency Prevention expresses it well when they say, "Homicides are always tragic, but our sympathies are heightened when the victim is a young child or adolescent. Thus, the deaths of juveniles raise understandable public concerns." The nation is far more outraged at violence directed towards children than at violence directed towards other adults. The reason is simple. Children are more helpless, and less capable of defending themselves. And the younger the child is the truer this becomes. How we ever got to the place of using dependency against children rather than for children is a tragedy of staggering proportions.

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    You do know that President Obama wants to take the elderly that is on life support and just take them off of it without consent. He said it would save tax dollars. Really, what crazyness?! Would you classify that murder or life taking it's course?

    If they were called children and not embryos I think people would understand.
    Because they are, as soon as conception occurs. Sure they can't live on their own for a few months, but how long could a newborn live without help.


    Thank you Randy.

    When it all comes down to it, the woman will be the one making the choice. Should it be legal depends on your perspective. I don't think that the tax payer dollars should fund Planned Parenthood. Does anyone know who the founder was of this organization and what her beliefs are rooted in? I do, but want to leave it open to discussion.

    Even if it were illegal some women would still get abortions anyway. But for people to have to pay for it, that don't agree with it is just wrong.

    My wife, before we separated, went to an abortion clinic against my wishes. She said that she just wanted information from the doctor. They then talked her into having the abortion like any business would talk a client to buy their product, and she got the abortion. They gave her a needle to fight cancer, but the shot wasn't for cancer, it was for the baby. She was two months pregnant, and the doctors told her that it was just an embryo. The anger, no, that is too light a word, the rage that I felt when that was said. I talked with the nurse and she told me that I have nothing to do with that decision. I wanted to punch her face in, but I knew that to be wrong. I just calmly told her to shut her fucking mouth and leave the room. Now that you know that I am emotionally involved with this subject, I wish that all abortions were illegal. Yes, they should be banned.

    Headless Man

    Thats awful, Like the man is not apart, I don't know what I would if that happen to me.


    Gosh I am so sorry that happened. As a women, it saddens me that people have that type of attitude towards the father of the baby. I cant imagine how painful that must have been.

    I have a brother who was born at 6 months.Today he's in great shape and has a family.And if a newborn is left alone and dies that would be murder.

    did you ever hear of roe vs.wade. the supreme court, which is one arm of the federal govt, ruled abortion to be legal. thus it is considered law.

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