Keep the SUGGESTIONS coming!! They are going to monitor new ideas every 2 weeks or so. What suggestions do you have to improve this site for users and akaQA?Please give answers and vote, up or down for question and answers. This will be going directly to akaQA for a new interface currently in beginn

    They still WANT SUGGESTIONS So keep them coming. All new suggestions sent in on 4/14/11 at about 6pm central, Thank you for everyone's participation and ratings!

    What suggestions, improvements or increased clarification would you recommend on this web site to akaQA? This will be going to akaQA new interface site designers. Please vote up or down question and answers for added credibility.

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    To suspend all racist people off of this site, we don't need the negativity and hostility.


    I'm loving that idea.Thank you spaceghost.

    Jessica Corado


    Ms Sinclair

    I AGREE WITH THAT 100%. Thank you Spaceghost

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Thanks friend, here is a thumbs up for excellent suggestion.

    When someone ads a new comment to a answer you have given, you have to keep watching the same question to see if someone else has answered it.

    Have the website inform you when there has been a new comment added to a question that you have answered. That way you can have a conversation or debate.

    Orion Markham

    yeah, it is a really good idea! I think the website should to.


    Thanks hipster you have a nice view on many things as well.

    ole hipster

    Real good idea leeroy!

    Get rid of foul language.Nasty sex Questions.I like everything else.

    Amy Smith

    I think this site is fine for sex questions. Since it is a Q & A site, I would think being able to ask questions about sex without using foul language or disrespectful phrasing is a good thing.

    Ms Sinclair

    I think sex questions are fine. There are people who need assistance in that area.

    Have a persons questions and answers develop a personal profile for them.

    Like a psychological profile kind of thing, tell us about our own personality.

    Closed chat for members.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    I passed this suggestion over to akaQA. They are small but, so it might take a little while. They still want our input on this question. Here is yours and a little love for my question would help!


    OK Jenn.That's a good idea.


    I'm for that!

    Allow users to gain Karma points for those who vote others Q & A up or down. Some people have a bunch of Karma points but practically no votes for others Q & A - up or down. People who ask a question should be checking the answers they received to find out an answer to their question. They should at least vote what they understand to be the most correct answer to their question. As well down any irrelevant or incorrect answers.

    when u start the question you should have the subject matter search for similar questions that have been asked and how long ago they were asked. I've had two different other people ask almost the same question as I did, but phrased it differently, and on the same day. Maybe put a time limit on the questions that they can only stay active for an certain amount of time?


    Im new here, and not really sure how it works when it comes to asking a question, which I have done. Now ,I dont know where to find my question, or know if I got a reply ? Advice pl.


    come to think of it, If anyone does give me advice, wont know where to find that either .mmmmm

    Ms Sinclair

    If you want to find your question go to your profile by clicking your username on the top right hand side of any page.

    ole hipster

    leeroy...both your last two answers are great I think

    Give peoples profile pictures halos for good answers and horns for evil answers? Have positive and negative Karma points? Give a joker award for funny comments, make that a funny option of approve or disapprove. Some of the new people get on here and just go completely negative, and don't really contribute to a conversation, that could be penalized more?

    You should make the author of a question able to report someone in the add new comment section who is harassing or vulgar, you can only do it in the your answer portion as of now.

    Raider I think you have a typo in the question title? Approve, but you mean improve Correct?

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Thank you leeroy for your help. I will get you thumbs up soon.

    I think it would be really great to have profiles with the ability to see a pic of who you are talking to and a little background of who we all are. There are so many awesome people from this glad I found it

    Give all users on akaQA emails on site like( and have them list their age and sex as well as single or married. Also a chat rooms for users has been brought up lately. What is the age limit on akaQA? I hope it is at least 18 better 21 yrs old. You can also give the user the option to block vulgar or irresponsible users.


    Thumbs up my friend, great suggestion.

    Make the rules clearer, a link for the rules would be nice.

    Keep track of how many votes you get per day, with a counter that shows you how many you have at all times. That way you don't have to wonder how many you start out with and how many you have left.

    How to get rid of a troll?

    People who don't really want to discuss anything, they just want to bash people. When people argue or discuss with them ,it only feeds their aggression towards anyone who will listen to them. Not to mention they harass and hog questions and give misinformation. Could Q&A make it easier to get rid of the trolls?


    There is a fine line between trolling and sincerity. If someone has an unpopular opinion, and pushes the issue, they are automatically a troll?

    You could split the screen in half the Light blue side on the right seems to take up to much space, Maybe put it up top? , or make it smaller. Also you could make the questions viewable split screen while you are answering a different question. I've noticed that when I am on this screen that it is at the bottom of my screen, and I can't see if the bold effect is working, maybe you can have it print in bold in the screen you are typing in, then you wouldn't need to see the lower copy of what you are writing?

    I usually get stuck on the front or first page do you randomly recycle old questions? Yes I'm an idea guy.

    Thank to my pal Spaceghost, I've received many Happy Birthday wishes from all over the world from my new online friends. This was awesome! Is there any way to set up a data base so that we could register our birthdays and anniversaries and so they could be automatically be posted by the site so that everyone else can have the same experience that I'm having today?

    ole hipster

    Coach, I discussed this somewhat at length with I can't remember whom right now, but I thought it was a great idea too, as maybe we users could take that particular duty one month at a time, where we would have to be online daily somehow, of course, on a volunteer basis. It may have been Raider, I don't remember..I'll check and comment back birthday boy!

    Why is it that whenever I leave remarks in the comment section in response another particular individual they become hidden right after I post them? This is a form of censorship and should not be allowed.

    Ms Sinclair

    This has happened to me several times on different questions, always involving the same person.

    I have a spell check, BUTT obvious Some Don't. An "On page" checker would do wonders. Using my OWN Avatar ! I also visit Y & A answers, you should check that out.

    Orion Markham

    thats a good idea

    A better way to stop forum trolls who spam the topics page with stupid, uesless childish questions and thinks it's funny.


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    21 Questions <<<<<<<<<<<<< This site needs a report the troll button.

    Kay has opened 21 topics in 5 hours.



    Maybe a limit as to how many topics you can open in a day.



    I'd like to know why my comments have become hidden on the next page when I responded to TSC accusing him of posting racist diatribes on this website? He's clearly a bigot. Don't believe me? Check his disgusting website

    Ms Sinclair

    Page 2, that is

    Check out the layout that is used at THis site is Christian only and you have to be a christian to post there, but the converstaions are very easy to follow because the newest post in a thread is always first and if you want to answer a person you just click on the reply and it automatically places their quote in your reply area so everyone knows exactly who or what you are replying to.


    Yes, but this is not a christian only site. Freedom of thought is not bound to one faith or one idea.

    Hi Guys,

    Every now and then I get a serious question in the middle of a load of garbage.
    I am getting about emails a day so it would be helpful if there was a link in your email back to the question.

    Keep up the good work!

    How about members get the opportunity to chat with members that they want to select like a forum within a forum. instead of having to keep going back to a question to see what others think. A group discussion could be taking place where other members can join in the disscussion or leave at any time and the person leading the disscussion could block anyone who starts getting daft or offensive. Just a thought.

    spelling help

    Though difficult to do, I would like the site to be screened so that immature users using profane, vulgar, racist, pornographic and non-relevant questions/responses deleted from content. I applaud you for attempting this venture and wish it success but I do see many immature comments which simply do not belong though we are a nation of free speech. Include terms and conditions in signing up expaining proper site conduct and mandatory 'accept' or 'not accept'. I was also reluctant to sign up as I do not know if participation at this site will bring unwanted e-mails, solicitations, advertising etc and clog up my email account or tool bar by you or third party organizations you may be tempted to sell participants information to.


    freedom of speech means freedom for everyone. You have the right to speak out against them, but not to censor them.

    Ms Sinclair

    I was, in effect, censored on this site for pointing out that someone was a racist. I lost my karma points and can't vote against them.

    Ms Sinclair

    Because there are no shortage of racist idiots in this country. And you know I'm referring to you TSC.

    Orion Markham

    my karma points keep going up, then down, now their going back up.


    Totally agree with you halseyjr61, thank you SO much for that.


    My Karma points keep growing, wonder why?


    mindblade, it is not censorship. it is common courtesy and respect for other users. content should be of acceptable nature. What I am referring to is probably agreed upon by a majority of users of this site.
    There is a line of decency that must be maintained. Ill bet you wouldnt like it if some of the childish, offensive content you see occasionally on this site be viewed and/or heard aboard a commercial airline flight, movie theater, post office, supermarket or any other public venue. I am talking about immature, offensive, racist and pornographic responses. Any of this getting through?

    If trolls like collen can drop your karma points by over 250 in a few minutes because she has a hair up her sphincter whats the point of them?



    I gave you one thumb down. You said, you thumb down anyone who gives you a thumb down. You retaliated on me 13 times because I gave you one (1) thumb down. You lose 10 points for every thumb down you give. If you retaliate on all like you did me, that's where all your karma went. Multiply each thumb down you gave that day times 10. 13 thumb down on me X 10 = 130. There's 130 of your karma gone. 3 times on doublehelix. That's -30 karma for you. 4 times for Randy Palmer -40. Total so far is -200 karma for you because you clicked the thumb down so many times in one hour yesterday. Who's a troll?



    Roger can you show where I gave you a thumb down more than 1 time yesterday? Check your karma history. You gave me a thumb down 13 times in a row in order to retaliate for 1 thumb down. You even gave a thumb down for an answer the question asker accepted as the correct answer. Who believed he had unlimited power without realizing he was using up his karma points?



    I have no reason to apologize to you. You claimed I shot your karma down yesterday. For most of the day I was out celebrating my birthday. The time I was here was less than 23 hours ago. I did not cry, I was laughing actually and wanted you to know karma points mean nothing to me, I guess you missed that point. I've also made mention that I think the whole karma thing is silly. I'm not mad. I'm just defending myself against your false claims. You did leave the comment here. My day has not been wasted. I've gotten a lot accomplished actually in between my time on the computer.

    Roger Willcoe

    Give Colleen unlimited power over all others. or if you vote down you get the same # off yours so some people will learn something. I don't think its very karmaesque for some people that try and help while others can come threw clicking down their cool karma points on a whim as if their thumbing threw a magazine. Same points with ability to rack up neg. #'s. Or get rid of or call something else. i like Karma points I think it says something or should make people think. If people can give or take karma? maybe limit hates to one a day?

    Roger Willcoe

    only goes back 23hrs.
    If I did it was worth it to get you thinking about others. I gave you a thumbs up after you started crying and appologised twise for something you started and you have done neither to me so if I find 13 of your posts will you dry up? You waisted a whole day out f your life being made at me for what? Are you going to show your Karma points to your freinds and family or is it to make you feel better about someone that would go around vote others opinions down while hoping someone voted you up. What comes around goes around so do unto others. Maybe your life is to empty?

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