Do you report abuse on this site?

    There are many nonscencical questions and some that are just plan rude... Do you report them?

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    I usually report the kids that get on here asking inappropriate questions, profanity which is a big no, no, here. Admin can't stand profanity that's one of their biggest concerns.

    Also people that are spamming, leaving hostile, irrelevant answers or questions. . .

    The kids on here do get out of hand. I always report them. Don't get me wrong I dont mind giving them advice or answering serious questions, but I think they believe they are funny.

    Couldn't agree with you more...
    Yes I do if I see them..
    Yes, I have and will again.
    i report a hurtful words ... bully words.
    if they don't make sense, i usually leave them alone. but sometimes i REALLY want to answer in nonsense.
    if it's a bad word, i let someone else report.
    and you?


    If someone askes something that just takes up space like... How do cows fly kites in a cheese storm... then I do... That and when ppl are just down right abusive to each other... Which has happened... But most ppl on here are wonderful!

    Jenn, I have to admit that I liked your example .... " How do cows fly kites in a cheese storm" I thought that was cute. By the way, how do they fly kites? ha-ha-ha TU to you
    I had not been, but I'm going to START. We also have some rude, hurtful and asshole ANSWERS as well.
    I haven't yet, but what I'm seeing here lately has to be reported. To many sexually explicit words/questions. Subtle Profanity has it's place but there's way too much profanity here lately. I feel bad for the ladies, personally I hear this language all day in the shop from a bunch of ugly men.
    Yep, all the time and plan to continue.
    Yes I do if I see them..
    Opps sorry about that):

    Fabulous... Now I am going to report you for abuse!!!!! LOL

    I kept getting a 404 internal error Dag nab puters anyway There now you can report me for cussing LOL

    abuse.... abuse.. LOLOLOL.... I did not know "dag nab " was a cus. I get that same error about 90 % of the time also. its just 1 of a few reasons i dont come here that often anymore.
    Yes I do if I see them..

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