Do all religions refer to the same God?

    My question is don't you think no matter what you call him, God or Allah etc.., that it is the same God? Just as we call a spoon a spoon in English in other countries their language calls a spoon by a different name but it means the same thing.

    Now details of the religions may differ but they are written by man, who is prone to biases and making mistakes. So do you believe there is only one God but different languages just use different names but, all refer to the same God?

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    Most people believe in at least a God and may call this God many differing names. Some religions are written solely by man for personal gain and power over the people. Some religions are written by man deceived by demonic spirits, actually having a spiritual encounter. Then there is the Jewish Torah which was written buy several different men (at least a couple dozen) over a period of 4000 years who were proven to be actual prophets of the one and only true God, Jehovah. These men claimed to speak on behalf of God, but a simple claim is worthless unless it is backed up by prophecy or miracles. Anyone claiming to speak for God must predict the future with precise details, not these vague sayings like Nostradomus put out, but rather full of details that only a all knowing God could know or perform a miracle in the name of God that in no way could be a trick, like calling fire down from heaven to destroy something, this could not be faked or calling for a drought to last a specific period of time, like three years and then the three years goes by and the prophet calls for rain and it immediatly rains. There must be real proof.

    Then Jesus came along and what He did was fulfill many prophecies that were written in the Torah about a coming Messiah or Saviour. Precise details that could in no way be misconstrued, like Isaiah 53 speaking of the Messiah's beating and death. Jesus also performed many miracles before hundreds of witnesses. Known blind men were given their sight, cripples from birth were healed by Him and they walked again. Jesus performed thousands of miracles with witnesses and they were recorded in the historical record. Jesus proved that He was speaking for the one and only God found in the Torah and then revealed to all that He was God's only Son and that the Father and He were one God.

    Jesus proved that He was indeed God and delivered to the world the words of God declaring the only way to heaven is through faith in Jesus Christ. This proof then proves that all religions are manmade except for the Torah and the New Tesament about Jesus Christ.

    There is only one God and He is revealed in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. So all do not pray to the one and only God unless they are praying to God through Jesus Christ. Even the Jews who have the Old Testament word of God are cursed unless they accept the promissed Messiah, Jesus CHrist. Anyone who rejects God's Son, whether Jew or Gentile, will not see heaven.

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    Hello FriendofGod,
    Very informative answer. I learned a lot from your answer. So you deserve a thumbs up from me. If you like or read a good Q or A from me I would also appreiate a thumbs up vote up from you. Great job, friend.

    I'm not going to heaven. I'm either going to Summerland, or reincarnating right back here. My God is within me, and My Goddess is all around me.

    yep I think it is one god but we may all see him differently.

    yes,yes same god but different religion  


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