were to get diarys

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    Any book store should have them, or general store like Walmart.

    good answer, randy. thumb up for taking the time. we just don't know the situation of some of our writers.
    if someone says "hello" it may mean that they want to test the waters to see if anybody answers.

    teaco, i kept a diary for years. i just used a notebook. when i finished a notebook it was a big deal to pick out my next color.
    do you feel a lot better after saying that, people? maybe the person who asked is six or seven.
    you call yourself peoplelover but i'm not so sure. i don't think teaco will be back. there are lonely people out there. i do know that.

    they could be a lot older and just not familiar with the language or with the format. :(

    If the teaco is only six or seven then the parents should not allow him/her on this site unsupervised. In which case they,the parents,can answer the question.

    In the event that teaco is from another language country it would make sense to state this.

    "Excuse me for asking but I am from Mongolia, what does"youall" mean.
    What sort of people are you out there? you ask the most inane questions. Where do you get diaries? any person over the age of ten would know the answer. Are you all so bored or lonely that you ask silly questions for contact with others? I truly fell sorry for you if such is the case. If this is not the case then the education system in what ever country you live in has a lot to answer.

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