Do things happen by fate or luck??

    Do you believe in fate or destiny? Or do you believe things happen coincidentally and by shear random chance?

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    LUCK is: L- living U- under C- Christ K- Kindness

    Things happen most of the time by a matter of which choices one makes. And also others choices can affect what choices we decide to make.

    I just cant believe that things just always randomly happen. I have run into friends that I haven't seen in twenty years at the gas station, it's odd how it happens to me every now and then.
    Sometimes I run into people who need help or just miss a car accident by seconds. Many times I could have died on the highway, it seems like a few seconds later or sooner and that would have been the end for me. I suppose it just depends on what or who you believe, how you will answer. T.u. on this, good question.

    Consider it 50/50.. you can have great control of your life, and if you give your half all you've got, then your chances for success are great! and the universe doesn't work against you.. =]

    Randomness! Nothing can really be scripted, unless the 'script' was written before we existed. But really that is just what I think - I don't believe that we will ever really know, because even if you try to outwit 'fate' by, say, changing your mind at the last minute, fate might have decided that you will do that

    Both, but more fate than luck

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