Do Olive Garden chefs really go to Italy to learn to cook according to their commercials?

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    Hell no! I don't want to sound biased in my opinion but I was raised in the Italian restaurant business, both my parents are from the 'old country', they didn't go to 'cooking classes' they brought with them their family recipes and the business was very successful up until the day I closed the door and sold it, i hated the restaurant business. The olive garden is a commercialized high marketed fast food restaurant with fancy carpets. Foods are prepared in a commissary, they only 'build the dishes at the restaurants, not cook them to order. The very best restaurants offering Italian fare will be the mom n pop places. Where our place was very big offering entertainment, cocktail bar and seating for upto 400 people (very big) we still cooked to order and many times was getting complaints from customers that were used to fast food. Olive garden IMHO is great for those that have no idea what Italian food is, unfortunate too because also IMO they are giving us real Italians a bad name...
    They couldn't find Italy on a map. They serve genuine Italian cuisine as does McDonald's serves Filet Mignon.

    You don't even realize how dead on you are. Our OG's here is ca are manned like all the rest of the 'ethnic' restaurants, with Mexicans. I'm not making a racial statement, only the facts, and no, they probably couldn't find Italy on a map.. Most i doubt could even find Europe.. Uh... I guess I am making a racist statement.. LOL

    Sadly,their customers think they're being treated to genuine Italian cuisine. Ma Vafangool.
    No! those establishments are the cheapest corporations ever the food is all commercialized most of it is from cans, they mislead you i know because i worked at one of thier resturants in cypress, ca I've seen everything that goes on in that kitchen even thier pasta isnt fresh its dry stored pasta, so its not home made I left that establishment for an Organic Mexican Food Rest.
    so they do not go to Italy, if you are thinking of being a chef go to a culkinary Art school the best is Le Cordon Bleu, there you will make everything fresh & good. if you want to go to italy then ask to be an apprentice in thier kitchen at a fine itialian resturant in itlay, check out thier want ads on the internet for italy so you can search a great opportunity & a place to live. good luck
    some do most dont
    no way thts just to get their restaurants more popular

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