Explain to me what it means to be "born again"?

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    In the sport we call Life, it's called a mulligan. 

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    i have only ever heard of Mulligan Stew Digger..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Golf much ?

    Terry, a "mulligan" is a do over, without penalty.

    It's what Ducky does about 18 times per round.

    I'd need 3x as many.
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    No Digger,i never got the urge to chase a little white ball around the bush,,and i do mean bush,because that is where i would spend most of my time looking for that little white ball..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..
    A tadpole becomes a frog, A catapiller becomes a butterfly. They are born again. We are sinners. If we ask Jesus into our hearts and be our Lord ans saviour then we are born again. We are new creatures and part of the family of God

    ....the discovery of what is truly important in life and eternity.

    Being born again references acceptance of Christian faith and values. 

    Accept Christ into your life,be baptised in water,and do a total turnaround on the way you live your life..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..


    You love Shih Tzus. go figure.
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    A man of your many years ,knowledge and travel,should be an easy figure for you mate.for me.??i had that much baggage on my back,it was an easy turnaround..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..
    It is when a person accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior and then is baptized in the Holy Spirit. The spirit of Jesus then enters us and our spirit is then reborn, and we become a new species in the kingdom of God. Jesus was the first born, when He was resurrected into the kingdom.
    exactally what "ff' and "fog said thumbs up to both of you

    Best description is when a liberal confesses their confused thoughts about life and decides that liberalism is for losers. Everybody is born a democrat, only the gifted and talented overcome it. Allright Julie, I only posted this so you would talk dirty to me. Make it good too.

    I agree with FreedomFighter! Because we become a new "creature" in Christ once we accept Him into our soul.

    However, when Christ mentioned it to Nicodemus, Nicodemus said to him, "you mean we have to be born of our mother's womb again?" and Christ tried to advise him that which is spirit is spirit and that which is flesh is flesh. In other words, the flesh must give up the spirit within it and become spirit again. Rather, the "unclothed" spirit must put on a new "wineskin". The corruptible must put on incorruption; flesh must die to find a new life and new body. We will have a body that does not die. The proverbial "mould" is corrupted and must be re-made so that it doesn't fall apart, this time.

    Your sister,


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