May 21, 2011 a good day?

    The Bible commands its readers: “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good” (I Thes. 5:21). This certainly applies to prophecy. You need not accept the opinion of one more ill-informed, self-appointed “expert.”

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    despite the fact the world IS NOT going to end , 5/21/2011... one good thing out of all this would be the fact that some people are opening their eyes and realize it will end one day and there is a just god who wants us and loves us

    True...anything to make people feel their need.
    Make no mistake: Harold Camping is a prophet—a false prophet. Every scripture he cites—without exception—is twisted, mangled and butchered. The Bible warns of such “evil men and seducers” (II Tim. 3:13) in our time, but like all of its other warnings, most do not heed.
    I'm looking forward to that day and to "That Day"!
    Thought I bump this one more time just to ha ha ha ha ha ha.
    True leeroy, If you're ready it won't concern you so much.
    But that fateful hour has come and gone in the Pacific islands, New Zealand, Australia, and on through east Asia, and it’s turned out to be “Apocalypse Not.” Either that or nobody in that part of the world was worthy of ascension.
    Be looken forward it Expert.
    “Other prophecy writers speak of the ‘end of the world’—that the earth itself will supposedly be destroyed. This could not be further from the truth. This idea often stems from a misunderstanding of Christ’s disciples asking Him for a sign of the ‘end of the world.’ The Greek word (aion) translated world means ‘age.’ The disciples were asking when the period of man’s rule would end—and the kingdom of God would be established. They well understood the many Old Testament prophecies that speak of the Messiah setting up the kingdom of God on Earth.

    I agree, after all the Bible is very clear on this. The Meek (which Christ is) shall inherit the earth. Also, the Bible says many times that Christ will return and set up his Kingdom here on earth. What gives a lot of people problems is their mis-understanding with heaven. They think that when people die they go to heaven but the Bible states very clearly that when Christ returns he will raise the ones who are asleep in him and they along with the living who believe in him will then join him as he sets up his Kingdom in Jerusalem. Come soon Lord Jesus.
    Tragically, most who read the Bible remain in near total ignorance of its meaning.

    So true,they take it and misinterpret everything and perceive things the way they want to, not the way the true word is spoken it's all misconstrued.
    as good as you make it

    Mr. Camping said. “There are a lot of things that are very factual, very factual, of course, but there are a lot of things that are very spiritual. How to know whether to look at it with a spiritual understanding or a factual understanding is hard to know…The fact is when we look at it more spiritually then we find that He did come…God brought judgment day to the whole world…It will continue to October 21, 2011 and at that time the whole world will be destroyed.”

    The long game of deceit continues…

    Hey, why did this guy decide that at 6pm in each time zone was when God was going to take the Christian's home. Doesn't the Bible say in a blink of an eye, or twinkling of an eye.

    How could you translate that verse into 6pm in each time zone, wouldn't that have to be many twinkles of many eyes???

    Seems like many people missed the point, which is to make your peace with God before he takes the church out of the world and you will be left behind, not that it happened yet. The problem is that it will happen some day soon, and a huge number of people will be stuck down here with the anti-Christ.
    Hey easy there he is a prophet, I just sold my 2.5 million dollar house for $700.00 dollars. Are you saying that we can't believe everything we hear from our pastors or prophets. lol
    No it is not
    did we die ....NOOOO so dont ask that stupit question
    Headless Man

    Did I say we would die, I said May 21, 2011 was a good day, and it was.
    It was ask before the 21st you brought it back up.

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