Can I transfer AOL Favorites to Internet Explorer Favorites?

    I want to uninstall AOL but keep my AOL Favorite addresses. Is there a way to do that?

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    1. Here's how to import your list of URL's generated in my other article, "How To Export AOL Favorite Places".

    It might be smarter to do this manually. Just copy a URL that you want to your browser's address, go there, and when you get there, bookmark the page. This way, you won't bookmark the pages that you DON'T want.

    IE can import from other browsers. Save their bookmarks into their own internal formats, and IE can figure it out.

    Unfortunately, a list of URL's in a text file is not one of the choices.

    We have to convert the list to an HTML page. THAT it can do.

    2. Open your list in textpad. You should have one line per URL, no extra baggage.

    We will record a macro while changing the first line, then run that macro to the end of the file.

    For example, if you see:

    eHow doesn't allow html code in these steps. So I will use square brackets instead of pointy brackets (greater than and less than), but you'll know what I mean

    Here's what we want, except for the square brackets :
    [a href=""][/a][br /]

    The first ebay is the URL. The second ebay is the "Click here". The "br" breaks to a new line.

    3. With the cursor at the beginning of the file, From the "Macros" menu, select "Record".

    1. Hit the right arrow SEVEN times, skipping "HTTP://"
    2. Select to the end of the line (Shift-End).
    3. Copy (Ctrl-C)
    4. Go back to the beginning of the line (Home)
    5. Type [a href=" except you know to type < rather than [, and don't forget that double-quote.
    6. Go to the end of the line (End)
    7. Type "] That's your closing double quote, and a greater than sign.
    8. Paste. (Ctrl-V)
    9. Type [/a][br /] Except you know to use < and > instead of the brackets
    10. Hit the right arrow once, moving you to the next line.
    11. From the "Macros" menu, select "Stop Recording"
    12. A "Save Macro" dialog box pops up. Enter a description, like makeHTML. IMPORTANT: You want "Repeat to end of file". Then click "OK".
    13. Now run your macro. From the "Macros" menu, select your description.

    Finish it up.

    1. Add this line to the top (can all be on one line)

    2. Add this line to the end (by now you know about the brackets, right?)

    3. SAVE AS, giving the new name an extension of ".html", like "AOL.html"

    What's next?

    You could stop here. You can bookmark this page. Then when you want one of your old AOL places, you can link to this page, then click one of its links. This way you won't be dragging along a lot of old places that you haven't visited in years.

    Or you can import the list to IE. Let's make a new folder, which you can collapse when it gets in the way.

    1. Click the "Favorites" button. Click the tiny down arrow after "Add to Favorites", then choose "Organize"
    2. Click the "New Folder" button, and create your folder. Let's call it "AOL".
    3. Click the "Favorites" button. Click the tiny down arrow after "Add to Favorites", then choose "Import and Export". That starts a wizard.
    * Import from a file
    * Import favorites
    * Feed it your html file.
    * Your target is your new "AOL" folder
    * Click the "Import" button.

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