How France feels about USA?

    Do you think France, or many of the French people in general, are jealous or a little envious of us, the USA?

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    Grit Savage

    Nah, they just don't want their culture watered down with tacky US BS.
    mind you the french can be arrogant buggers :-)

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    What do they thinkof us? WHO THE HELL CARES1

    Many French speak English, but when you go there and speak your broken French to them they just snicker, then 15 minutes later they speak English to you? I understand when you visit another country you need to learn the language but, I don't think the French like anybody, except the French.

    I think maybe the french don't like any one maybe not even themselves . Arrogant , smug, thats how I see them, and the French Canadians are just as bad , I went into Quebec a few years ago and got my 1st taste of french style smugness at the Quebec customs house,

    Every county hates us except for Mexico

    papa peg

    I think you forgot ISRAEL.

    I look at the French this way.We helped to liberate France and other countries WW11.When we went into the middle east nobody wanted to help us.oh well


    Could be we should just pack up and go home?

    papa peg

    After watching that video.I say Bring our guy's home.Their burning our flags in Afganistan.Turn our new found Weapon loose on them.

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