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    Children are like sponges, they will absorb anything and everything. Psychologists have proven that when a child is told something by their parents, they believe it. So do you think it’s right to push your own religious beliefs on your kids instead of letting them decide what they will believe in when they are the appropriate age?

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    I took my children to church and Sunday school until they both began to protest going. I didn't feel it was going to do them any good at that point when it was something that they would learn to hate everytime I made them go. I live by example and being they do secretly watch how you behave as an adult even at 14 and 17, they will pick something up from me.I talk with them ....not to them, about our beliefs as individuals keeping the lines of communication open. I don't always like what they think but I don't feel it is good for God, to push your beliefs down anyone's throat.It repels them and creates argument and I don't think religion is an argument...thats why there are so many religious wars.I am just thankful we believe in something that way we won't just fall for anything.

    Different view point here, If a child likes going to church great, many kids like church. I don't think any parent should FORCE their kids. Studies show that most people who attended church as kids are less likely to get into many sorts of trouble, drugs, crime etc.

    I want my kids to develop a good sense of morality and be well behaved, but it's up to them if and when they go to church. I think many adults who were forced to go to church when they were kids do develop Religious issues etc.

    FORCING anything on anybody is wrong, except for the law and sometimes that's not a good thing either.

    No, definitely let them find their own way, if you love them. A child that thinks for their self, that will be crucial in years to come. Do everything to ensure that they think for their selves. Everyone must find out what's important to them.


    I am with you 100%. I have some friends that were brought up extremely religiously and get offended when someone around them says "oh my god" yet you ask them when and why they started believing in god and they never seem to have an answer other than "I just always have" which to me means "I was brought up being told to believe in God and I know no other way".


    Yes very true.

    Children are like sponges who need direction. Parents teach their children by example in the earliest years. That being the case, we are not pushing our beliefs on our children, but rather teaching by example. Only later do children learn by questioning for themselves. Your views on what children believe or don't believe is rather simplistic. Yes, children are more likely to believe what their parents tell them, but that changes over time as they learn to question. I would suspect many of the people writing on this subject have no children of their own because if you did, you would know there are times you must force your children to do things or they will not succeed later in life. For example, brushing their teeth and going to bed at a reasonable hour. Thank you for your time Dr. Spock.


    No children but I have quite a few friends who have been brought up in a strict religious environment therefore it's uncomfortable and possibly an insult to their family if they decided to "go the other way". There's a big difference in forcing your child to do something no matter how much they dislike it and simply teaching them about what you're beliefs are as a parent. I'm talking about the parents that are extremely strict about religion therefore bringing up a child who is scared to think for themselves because they're been taught that going against god will send them to hell etc etc.

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