Why is not death glorious if we go to heaven?

    Why in the Western world at least we are taught to be sad and grief stricken when a love one dies? After all Christians believe most of us will go to eternal heaven which is a momentous and revered blessing. We are reunited with our love ones and our Father himself. If our society was consistant on this issue we would be taught as young children that natural death is a blessing that leads us to the glorious kingdom of heaven and reunites us with our loved ones and our Devinne Creator himself.
    So why the disparity between the 2 and how come we are not taught to be joyful with our reunion with our Father and loved ones when we or a love one passes? I really do not have a good answer for this and appreciate all opinions. Thank You

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    That the way I'm teaching my kids and grandchildren, death is not the end but a new beginning IF YOU'RE A CHRISTEN.

    Headless Man

    TRUTH, thats true thats not what the bible say's. You have to read and understand it, apparently you haven't.

    papa peg

    Good answer Randy i am a christian.When i die i'm going to HEAVEN.


    thats not what the bible say's , its what you want to believe

    When my mother passed away, I had a dream of her being united with my grandmother and greatgrandmother. They were celebrating her arrival in heaven, looking young, dancing and singing in a procession. My mother's body was still in her casket so I went and looked to her in comfort and grieved no more. I was at peace with her passing. Everyone has to suffer death and Jesus is the best example of how he Himself suffered and died painfully to show us the way, the truth and the life. He was resurrected to heaven in his glorified body and those who follow Jesus (like my mother) will live with Him eternally.

    In God we Trust

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    wow Tanya what a good answet. it deserves a thumbs up and I will give it one. Was the question valid and a good one? I wonder about this question often. If you thought the question was good, please vote it a thumbs up. Thank you

    Maybe because people tend to think about themselves more and what that loss means to them. It also makes us look at our lives knowing that we will be the one in the casket someday. When my Dad died I was miserable and angry at God for years. Then finally one day I understood that he was in a better place, no more suffering or pain from cancer. I also realized that even though I didn't understand why God took him, God knows how to run the universe much better than I could.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Exactly. If we were taught that death was a blessing then we would not grieve over a lost love one as much and be happy they were in a better place. No more suffering or pain but instead eternal salvation with our heavenly Father. And if we were good, honest and moral servants of God, we to would be lucky enough to join our Lord and love ones in heaven. What would be more of a honor and blessing than that? Thank you for your answer.


    Maybe we should have our funerals in New Orleans?


    death is not a blessing its a curse. man was ment to live

    A person's death should be followed with a party, same as a wedding, celebrating that person's life! Raise your glass!


    better is the day of ones death than the day of ones birth

    Why are 50 billions of planets with 1,200 light speed away from our earth ........If they exist with human being or aliens.....thats mean there is no god! .......Sorry no offend.....i am not christian i am in confusion myself......

    We were created to live forever so we do not have the natural ability to accept death.

    muslims think so

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