Do you think it is possible that we are going the wrong way in the direction that time flows,and that Jesus was able to collect on Gods covenent with man concerning laying down ones life to save anothers,can garantee that you have authority to have that life given back to you in eternal perfection.Thus having given his to save the human races.He went to the only place that hadnt been used (the end)And went before us to prepare a place for us that wouldnt have and end and would be in effect "a be

    ginning without end?

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    proverbs..1:7 "the fear of the LORD is the begining of knowlege"
    dharama is that buddaism.. confuses vs confusious... you want to learn disipline from an 800 pound MAN

    My My....Karma is caused by lack of wisdom,wich in turn causes a struggle until wisdom is gained.Wisdom erases karma ,therfore creating dharma .Wich is a positve type of force or prescence giving you the ability to help others gain wisdom to overcome their own bad karma. Siddhartha (buddah) was its prophet.And i apologize for my comment about karma ,i was probobly a little jealous about, and thought, your karma points were making you arrogant.
    christ put things in simple terms,maybe if you did the same we could give an answer

    If it were simple ,then I dont think he would have made statements about getting to heaven such as "the way to heaven or salvatin is narrow ,and few are those who will find it. Or enter by the narrow gate for the path is wide ,and many are those who fall by the way ,that leads to damnation ,or destruction.I am serious about it being hidden well ,so think twice before you discard things as beneath regard,just because of karma .you would do well to seek dharma instead.
    Hebrews 7:3 New International Version

    Not only is Melchizedek without father or mother, without genealogy, without beginning of days or end of life, like the Son of God he remains a priest forever.
    Your first question has to do with time and the direction we are going in it. My experience in time has shown me that now is the only time there is. That we can reach forward or back in time to accomplish something. That time does slow down for a person in an emergency and speeds up sometime too. The since of going forward in time is most typically felt in youth just as older folk feel left behind in time...their skills are useless perhaps and they may feel like an unwelcome burden. These are how time and feeling interact over a persons life. But there is more to time than that. Time is a window of opportunity we dwell in. We prep a meal to consume the meal. That is planning and executing a series of events. If time ran backward we could consume a meal then prepare the meal making banana puree and playing the recording of the progression backward. Sometimes it may be a very good thing to learn to do should you ever ingest tainted food. But I think that part of God within knows in advance of our actions and can lead the way.

    Good and evil are symbolically linked in dualism...a pagan belief system more so than Christianity. Christianity is about breaking away from dualism and pagan beliefs. The belief in sacrifice as a way to rid a village of the stain of sin was traditionally carried out by driving a goat out of camp after everyone had cursed the goat with their sins. The scape goat. The sacrifice of Jesus was intended to serve the same function for the world...was that enough?
    If you do one thing, accept a free gift. John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Just say yes and mean it, tell others about your choice, then live it, and don't make it so complicated.
    My head is still spinning after reading all

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