whats going to happen first on may 21, 2011

    series of events

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    Nothing for you to fear!!!
    Probably the same old things, first the sun rises, rooster crows and we'll go along with our daily routines.
    First the sun will rise, the rooster will crow and we will wake up yet again lucky to have another day to play with. Please remember , no one knows when the rapture will come and to have anyone giving a "calculated guess" is just that..."A GUESS".You should be living everyday like it's your last one. Celebrate your life ad live full, have fun. love lots and laugh is a gift, not a given right!
    well it is the first 20 mins into that date so far all that has happened is husband fallen asleep in front of tv not that unusual.
    coffe and eggs around 8 am. then im going to a birthday party around 2 pm after that who knows maybe diner
    We get this question over and over here and the only thing I can say is it could end for you anytime so be ready, ask Jesus to forgive you for your sins and live in your heart.
    The sun will rise and it will be a new dawn just like every day!
    I have a busy day on the 21st. Teaching, going to a concert and then mass, party in the evening.
    I guess if we are still living we will find out! That's the way it is every day!
    he only perdicting it he cant prove it and they said he said it will happen march 21 did it no and he said 7000 from the flood and then some other number if that right then it wont add back up to it will add up something smaller and no one knows when it will not even a pastor only god him self so dont let sick people like him get into your head unless if it was true half the world would be gone and is it no it not you cant perdict earthquakes either

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