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    Why do you think so many answers on akaQA are never voted up or down?

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    Hi, Raider8763. I joined this site last week, I learned yesterday how to vote. True story! Put as far as some of the questions that our posted...some are informative, some racist, some hilarious, some out of the ballpark. I quess this is what makes the world go around, you have a little bit of something for everybody. As far voting is concerned, I like to give credit where credit is due and sometimes an some answers to questions don't need a vote!!! lol!!!

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    A very wise woman you are Pamela. Thank you for a different view. Oh did you know you can only vote, either up or down, a certain # of times in 24hrs. I just found that out. Anything you have learned that might help all of us out? Thanks

    I can only vote you once. If I click on it again you go down to -1.
    What's the deal with foxy777?

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Voted us both down and has been voting someone else up. In fact there seems to be a little group, possibly. Vote up another Q or A of mine. Also what are the diamonds by your name? Thanks.

    Good question, you can see that almost all questions get a fair amount of views.
    I think the layout of the site is not optimized and also some of the answers are not really informative so there's nothing to vote about (unless one wants to be negative).

    Anyway i voted up your question.

    Volcan some one voted down our thumbs up. Fix mine and I am correcting yours now. It was foxy777.

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