Should I get a shingle vaccine if I have never had chicken pox?

    I'm 67 years old and not sure if I had chicken pox as a kid. Don't know how to find out as both my parents are gone.

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    i don't know how but i have heard about shingles. they are a terrible thing to endure. i believe anybody can get a shingles vaccines. i think that people can get the vaccine more than once.
    i have no medical training, check with your doctor.
    I have had chicken pox as a kid (I'm 61) and I have also had shingles....not a good thing to contract for sure! Very painful! I also now have nerve pain in the same area that I had shingles in years ago so it can come back and bite you in the butt! Yes you should check with a doc or perhaps your pharmacist can give you an answer for free..try that if you want. Another you have any small round indented scars (not real noticeable though) that are skin colored like your complexion that you can't explain? This could be the result of scratching yourself from the severe itching caused by chicken pox when you were a kid, generally on your face and arms. Just another thought...hope this may help...good luck (:

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