What can I do to save the earth?

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    I'm locking this question because it is being used for advertising. The last 4 or 5 answers including the comment missing here in the comment section have all been from companies advertising their products and services for money.

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    Do you actually thing you are a danger to this 'vast' planet that we call earth?? Actually do people really think that we are the ruination of this physical planet? This planet has been here 4.5 billion years, we have only been here 200,000 years not entering biblical beliefs and 'lucy' that is s'posed to be 3.5 million years old.. Point here is that 4.5 billion years, the planet earth had been through many changes, we are just one of those changes, we are nothing more than one second in time compared to 100 years the earh had been here. earth was not made for us and earth through the power of nature had taken quite good care of herself. We screw up our own environment, not earths.. case in point, not long ago, CO2 or carbon dioxide was considered a fertilizer, now today, its a toxin that is destroying earth.. The tree loving hippies have their priorities messed up. the guilt trips imposed on people in the name of cash profits is incredible.. People will stand up anfd fight for this and not look at their wallets everytime they buy something that has the word 'green' on it..

    I said in another post, you want to see something beautiful? take a plane ride to about 30k feet on a nice day, look out the window as far as you can see this earth, its breathtaking! I don't think you will see any damage to our beautiful earth when you look at the BIG picture.. We are here only temporary, we are one of earth's phases, we have come and we will go.. And then something we can not imagine will take man's place, kinds like the dinosaurs, and thousands of other extinct animals and plants that server their time here and are now either 'endangered or already fossilized.. This is nature, Mother nature sorts out what it wants and what it doesn't want. All the carbon in the world is not going to change anything, carbon is a byproduct of life. life changes. they are scolding people into guilt trips to fatten wallets, this 'green movement' is one of the largest money making schemes of all time! and what's really cool about it is that anyone can join in and profit, just buy a sign that says 'green' and hang it on your business door and watch the guilty line up..

    Just live your life to the fullest, if you want to do something good? do it for some poor human or animal that really needs your help, the earth is quite wealthy and capable of taking care of itself.. And no, I don't fall for what 70% of scientists say, Professional comradery is a powerful thing, look at Hollywood for an example of this. I will stand by the 30% that stake their life on science and facts rather than social acceptance and lies.. Just live your life and enjoy your 'short' time here, we are very insignificant in time and quite possibly (and probably) we will be gone before earth is gone and burns out.

    That's an interesting observation, thank you.
    So why do you reckon scientists warn us that we're in danger?

    Read it again.. I dont believe that All scientist believe this global warming theory. I believe there is lot of money to be made and many scientists are being paid off. Did you hear the tapes a couple years ago where these fraudulent scientists were laughing about the garbage they were putting out there? Do you not think money is behind this? Of course it is and one of the biggest scams on record is this one happening right underneath your eyes, they have it all worked out, AlGore is in charge of the whole thing. Do I think its a bad thing to ignore earth?? No I do not, I believe we must do out part to keep things neat and orderly during the time we are in charge. Listen and read this. There will be climate change, this is a fact that we have knows since man looked to the starts and say the same things happening light years away from here. Our solar system will not be here for ever, our sun will one day burn out, this is a given, we know that and when it happens, the earth will burn up and become a dwarf, of course this will not happen for billions of years into the future but these 'yo-yos want you to think its going to happen possibly in our life time or our childrens.. ITS A GUILT TRIP imposed on those that wish to believe in this terrible exagerrated hoax! It is designed to get into your wallet, and in some cases now being mandatory that you give up your cash to support it. We are being bombarded with thei propaganda. It works too! They have you believeing that your own exhaling is toxic to the earth, they have you believeng that we are the enemy of our planet, we are killing something that is 4.5 billion years old-- believe me, i stand with the scientists that are real scientests and will give the facts as reality, they are scorned and the media eats em alive, its MONEY! Our 4.5 billion years old planet earth regards us mere humans as just another creature that one day she will dispose of.. we are not going to be here as long as earth will be here.. We are disposable beings just as all the rest are, excluding the roach of course.. Earth loves the roach, she had let it survive for millions of years, and we think its a usless bug.. So we step on it.. perhaps we should take a lesson from it.... We are a roach too. As I said before, enjoy your life, earth doesn't need your help, you are just getting in her way..

    Don't give in to liberal thinking. The earth will not be destroyed in 12 years as some politicians says it will. The very best thing you can do is get a job, contribute to society, don't waste your resources, and don't commit crimes. Be responsible for yourself and your actions. Enjoy breathing , without tobacco use . 

    ....educate yourself and use common sense creation and treat your neighbor as you want to be treated 

    The earth belongs to God,he made it,and he will tip it,who are we to think we can destroy it..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Don't litter...recycle...don't pollute. these are very small things but a little bit sure won't hurt!
    Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
    Hold your breath. You are WAY to busy adding carbon to the air...

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