Tigers or Polar Bears?

    Do you believe Tigers and/or Polar Bears will soon go extinct and which one first?
    How damn sad.

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    I think it will be the tigers. I find this very unfortunate for both as I love both tigers and polar bears.

    "People who don't reduce their carbon footprint r soooo selfish."

    Carbon dioxide is not the root cause of global climate change, it is just natural. The black spots
    on the sun have been responsible for climate changes in the past, and they still are. Carbon taxes have already been implemented, jut wait for them to spread. =] get rid of pollution is good though.

    unfortunately i think it will be polar bears,because of ALL the damage WE r causing to the polar ice caps. People who don't reduce their carbon footprint r soooo selfish.

    We already have a lion tiger. My teacher says " These animals will not go extinct, they simply evole.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Yes a ligon and tigon have been interbred to create these 2 non-naturally occuring animals. But if Tigers go extent then these man breed animals will to. I here there are less than 5,500 Tigers in the wild. That is on the brink of extinction

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