Should most anyone own a firearm?

    Should law abiding adults own as many legal firearms that they want. Or should The government ban all privately owned firearms?

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    Yea ban our guns take away our freedom of speech.Who is going to take away the criminals guns.Most illegal guns are sold by law biding gun dealers.They have put a lot of dealers out of business and in prison.Most shootings you see are done by people that are criminals.If a person owns a gun and a child shoots himself or somebody else.Then that person should be put in prison.They sell gun locks.I have 11 children and they never touched my guns. DON

    I've carried a concealed weapon For 37 years.Never had to use it.And hope i never have to.I'm handicapped have a permit to hunt from a motor vehicle.And i hunt with my handgun.Only responsible people should own guns. DON

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    I agree and am giving you a thumbs up. Responsible non-convicted felons if they chose.

    No I still believe that law abiding citizens have the right to bear arms.

    Every household and person 21 & over should be able to own and pack a weapon. I have a CC permit and at 73 yrs old I'll be willing to bet, if someone tried to harm me or my family, and I revealed my gun, he would back off in a heartbeat. Even if he had a gun, I could at least level the killing field. I belong to the NRA and firmly support the second amendment. MY bumper sticker tells it all.
    WARNING----- I cling to my Wife, Religion, Constitution, and my GUNS.
    Any disputes?

    Only if they know how to use it properly and safely and aren't afraid to use it to defend their life. Do you know how many people get killed with their own gun because they point it at a threatening person but can't or are too afraid to pull the trigger?

    Not everyone should have a gun.


    I love to targat shot. It is a sport.. .I have serveral guns for personal protection and sport... If need be I can hunt but prefer not to. I believe a person should have the right ot have what ever gun they like as well as the ability to shot anyone who is an immediate threat.


    I am dyslexic... I do my best. If I don't have spell check you get what you get. Sorry if it a hard to read.


    Where were U when English&spelling was taught?

    No one has ever been killed by a gun! People kill people the gun is only the weapon of choice because you can do your killing from a distance. Ban cars, they kill more people than gun users.

    Yes, anyone but NEGROS.

    I think Texas pretty much has the right idea (as a matter of fact I think one of our compatriots on this site is a gun broker from Texas). In this day and age you should be able to get a permit (after taking a course on gun safety) to carry a gun (not necessarily a whole arsenal!) or to have a gun in your home, of course, put away safely where younguns' are! Perhaps not in the cases of mental instability, convicted felons (and there are exceptions to that rule too! Most felons have no desire to go back to prison and not everyone was judged guilty and became a felon on their own accord! Many have been railroaded! I have personal friends and past friends who have been felons and have heard some stories, truthful or not! They are all not bad. REgulation would be good and taking some sort of test to determine the gun owner's mental state would not hurt. After all aren't we supposed to have the right to bear arms. I'm sure you will hear more on this subject, pro and con. The aforementioned is simply the way I feel, not necessarily everyones' thoughts! Good day to all! (:

    Should we ban guns? No i don't think so.

    As many as you want. Tanks and Rockets too.

    I like this page all good answers.Maybe we should get together and run for congress.

    well if a weapon is for self protection then there are chances of self destruction :D i mean i have seen many cases where in anger someone in the house is targeted or a suicide is attempted :( so i think it should be banned :)

    papa peg

    Yea take our guns freedom of speech.Oh by the way did someone target the babies.Or did they commit suicide

    No. I dont want some crazy person to get a gun and kill me. All guns do is make it easier to kill people

    Papa Peg is partly right. Only responsible people should own firearms. Trouble is, who are the responsible?

    I notice that most of the answers are from the US, I'm from the UK and firmly belive that you should be allowed to arm yourself for self protection in your own home, but over here the laws dont permit you to protect yourself, they'd rarther prosecute you for shooting the robber in your own home.

    second amendment says that we can and should. why go agianst it?

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