are you for or against wind farms I think they are good idea but have to be replaced every 20 years this cost a fortune

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    I think that whatever we can do to lessen the amount of oil we have to import is a good thing, is it going to solve our problem? No. but every little bit helps. By the way, good question.
    i'm for them only if they were to put them at the us senate they generate enough hot air to power the world over
    I hate them. It takes many years to break evan an the cost to build them. By that time they need replaced. No wind, no gain. They spoil the view. Can you imagine the energy it needs to make one of these and then take to the site and then set it up. New roads need built into the hills. It goes on and on,
    If the overall cost (construction, plus maintenance, and rebuilding if necessary) divided by the energy they produce is equal or less than the cost of comparable generation sources, they are a very good idea. It comes down to kilowatt hour cost, and they would not build them if they could not compete with the cost of current electricity sources.
    As for when the most energy is used, the winter is totally wrong. It is in the summer when AC demand is at its peak. We cool with electricity, heat with gas. The rest of the negatives mentioned for wind farms are relatively minor, and pale when compared to the fact they they have ZERO emissions, and generate power from the free wind. Yes they make sense in areas that are good for them, but not everywhere. And remember, if they were not economically viable (including gov. incentives), they would not be building them. And - no one would ever call me a tree-hugger. I just go with the facts.

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