Would you date someone?

    Would you date someone who limped and needed a cane to walk and had a bad scare on their back?

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    Sure I would date someone that walked with a cane and had a bad scar on their back. If that person has a good heart, I can look beyond any handicap or scars. Good question. T.U.

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    If he was a great person I wouldn't think twice about it.
    Better to have superficial issues out in the open rather then serious stuff deep inside.

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    Same here. What's inside is much more important.


    Good answer.

    It more important "who" the person, not "what" they are.

    I've been handicapped 43 year's.Been married 4 times have 11 kids.Have one leg no i don't think i would date someone like that. DON

    What would make the difference to me as to whether or not dating anyone at all is what kind of person they are, what is truly in their hearts and if they are good or not. That is what makes the difference to me not outside appearances.

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    Very good answer Darci13. You are a very kind person it seems like.

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