is there anything to use so that cats do not pee on unwanted areas

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    Dogs ;-)

    Just recently a garden plant has been developed called Coleus Canina that cats, dogs and even foxes will avoid. Coleus Canina is also known as the "pee-off plant" or the "scaredy cat" coleus This attractive Coleus has excellent foliage and small, attractive spikes of blue flowers in the summer. It releases a stench that cats just can’t stand. Thankfully it only smells to the human nose when touched!

    ha ha, randy ...

    and now to a different comment.

    I think the cat "pee" odour might be cat spray ~ that's what unspayed male cats do when they're in lust. You can find it with a black light in a dark room. (It's a good idea to take a black light with you to motel rooms because you can find other kinds of pee or ... omg ...spray!! @@

    Maybe the word is neutered. Some people say "fixed" and sometimes cats aren't fixed properly and the stench gets through. It is terrible and you will find the spray on the wall not on the floor. Cats spray standing up.

    You get the idea. I'm sure. I think this is entirely TMI.
    They make a sticky paper you can put on the floor in certain areas of concern, I believe you can buy it at Lowe's, but you may be able to find it at pet stores. Cat's hate to walk on sticky floors.

    There is also a cat litter called "Attract", you can get it at pet stores, it comes in a red bag, a little pricey, but it did the trick. Your cat will never pee outside the box again.
    Hope this helps.

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