Oldest human ever ??

    What was the age of the confirmed oldest living human to date?

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    Confirmed human, doesn't the Bible talk about King Solomon living to 900+ years and others? Got to go with ablast answer. How about a thumbs up for the question ablast.

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    Sarah Knauss from United States 24 September 1880 to 30 December 1999 119 years, 97 days

    Methuselah lived a total of 969.

    Methuluseam read your bible.

    Elizabeth Ma Pampol Israel 128 years old still living.

    Methuselah DON

    recorded human he said. And there was a man who claimed to be 150, but couldn't
    prove it because there were no birth certificates in those days. =]


    Randy Palmer what part of "CONFIRMED" don`t you understand. Perhaps you have too much "palmer"

    Headless Man

    Methuselah was a human.......

    i dont know of any one but my great grandma and grandpa died at the age of 101 n 109 respectively :)

    Methuselah lived 969 years only to those who believe in fairy stories... The time when Met lived was measured in a complete different way we do today. Each 100 years of that time was the equivalento to 10 years of our era, therefore, Mat would had lived for almost 100 years of our time. The rest is fairy tail...!

    Moses lived to 120 years old exactly. No one will live to that age ever again. People did live longer before Moses time.

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