Do you kiss your dog?

    I love my dogs (seriously but not as much as my significant other)

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    The last dog I kissed was my beautiful golden retrev. She had to be put down and I held her on my knee while the vet gave her the injection. I kissed her on the head as she passed away. I loved that dog.

    You bring tears to my eyes.

    This is very sad.

    friendindeed I have kissed all my animals that have to be put to sleep and when they alive I kiss them every day just like you would if you had children I even kiss animals that arnt mine I love them to bits your golden retrev had a good life with you and just remember the good times with her paws for ever

    Thanks all for your thoughts.x

    If I kissed my German Shepherd I would have to wash my face.


    Why, the dog would do that gladly! Pretty baby!
    Headless Man

    That's the problem, it's what she washed before she kisses me that worries

    Beautiful o Randy...How did you put pic on here?

    she is adorable she a princess you are blessed in looking after her go on let her kiss you x
    6dogs4us...I see you like choc... I have arranged for 6 bars to be sent to you from Colleen. Hope you enjoy.Thanks for TU's

    When were you going to tell me? I'll send her chocolate I would just need to know her address ;)
    Of course! They are (wo)man's best friend!! :)
    I kiss my dog Chester every day on top of the head. I dont know how long he will be around. He is not doing so well.
    I havnt got a dog but my neibours have and Nell who lives next door I have to kiss her and have a cuddle every day even when I go in the kids shout Nell Mels here,"Ah Bless" as I think I am having a redrawals and theres Acrchie and Susie and I let them out for a wee while thier parents are at work and I kiss them I am so lucky to be surrounded by fabulouse Animals no I am not luck I am Blessed
    No, I don't have a dog, but I have four chickens.

    Not yet.

    This is funny!! LOL.. 'do you kiss your chickens?" HA!!! Bwahahahah!! Good one Queso..

    I was thinking about it, but the only trouble is they roll around and dig in soil. They also smell.

    I love fowl, and would kiss them on head. The reason I dont, I dont hv any. Yes. I kiss
    dogs and cats, but not on the mouth, mainly on head.
    No. Never kissed an animal. They may be lovable but they Know nothing as far as hygiene goes. They roll in dirt, lick private parts. No way.
    I have no choice.. they are 1.5 lbs and 3 lbs.. they can get where ever they want.. They attack my face with kisses... my nose ears mouth.. I would like to say yuck but I am used to it now.

    Oh...that sounds so great! Little pups!! I love that! I grew up with a house dog and she was such a good friend! When we came home from school she was always at the top of the stairs wagging her tail!! When I broke up with my boyfriend and was sitting on the couch crying (many years ago now;)) she just came and looked up at me then put her head on my lap!! It was so sweet!
    I kiss my dog on the top of her head. None of this mouth stuff, her tongue is longer than mine.

    Their tongues go in the most amazing places, so do their noses. Good luck. I hope it has not rolled in anything disgusting.
    I have seen people kiss dogs on the nose.

    YUK! eggplant you are obviously speaking from first hand experience. Double yuk!
    I love my 3 pound chihuahua,but her mouth goes in areas that I don't want anywhere near my mouth.I'll stick to hugging her and giving her air smooches.
    well yess he is a lap dog
    I try not to let mine "kiss" me as I know where his tongue has recently been as he is quite the "little licker" if you get my drift! (:
    I used to until I read your answer to another question where you said ... "When a dog tries to lick your mouth he is asking you to regugitate food and share it with him". :o)
    i dont have a dog. i have two parakeets. i think that it would be dangerous to your lips to kiss them, ouch! lol. my daughter has a baby kitty and i like to kiss its little nose. so cute!
    YES, then afterwards we both enjoy sharing a cigarette. :)

    I like that answer you TU for that it made me laugh
    dogs lick thierselves and others butts i dont think so
    Yes I kiss my dog and he kisses me back. then he will go lay down. He will not relax till i kiss him when i walk in.
    I wish i could kiss my last dog, he lived for 19 years. Here is a link to a pic and story about our life together.
    My eyes are tearing up right now thinking about him.

    The love of an animal is very special. It is easy to remember them for the rest of your life. They are more than family in some ways, it's hard to describe. Being a pet/child, best friend and confidant; they soothe your pains, forgive your sins and only ask that you treat them with kindness.
    Sorry I love dogs, but do not have any but I kiss my cats especially Oliver regularly. And he quite loves it.

    Randy,your dog is an absolute beauty!!!Yes,must admit i do sometimes sneak up behind my dog,put my arms round his neck and kiss him on the head!

    maybe i do well i proberly would if i had dogs

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