do you think that a person becomes addicted when a person swallows that very first vicodin pill?

    i think doctors are crazy to prescribe it but i sure wouldn't turn it down. the problem is that people who are experiencing short-term pain have to have something!

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    Don't be'd have to take Vicodin over a cetain time period (depending upon the individual) to become truly addicted although some folks become psychologically addicted much faster

    that's it, ole hipster "psychologically addicted." when i was 13, my mom gave me percodan for severe cramps. (she wasn't a criminal or anything) with my first taste of heaven i wanted it forever and ever. i never could get my hands on enough for it to cause a problem ... i'm just saying. if i'd been physically addicted i would have sweat and shook and gotten very sick. it could be just my chemistry.
    ole hipster

    Personally...I wish I never HAD to start taking painkillers myself as I have been on them ALL (and all prescribed by my former doctor who not amazingly lost his license for overprescribing although mine were "medically necessary") they are far too attractive and seductive especially when you really need them. However, I hardly ever take narcotics anymore. I now take a drug called Tramadol which is OK, not great, just OK. My current rheumatologist does not believe in prescribing narcotics and in a way for this I am learn to cope with pain after awhile...sure beats having any kind of monkey on your back! (:
    ed shank

    @ole hipster. A Gorilla is more like it.
    ole hipster

    Ah-h-h, sounds like another person with experience (:
    no your really not addicted to you swallow the 12th vicodin pill and want more..ones to many and 10 aint enough
    perhaps yes and maybe no

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